5 Things to Consider Before Adding Night Vision to a Scope!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Night Vision provides you with great visibility in low light conditions, especially on dark nights. For avid hunters and shooters, adding night vision to a scope is mandatory while they are hunting and shooting in the night. If you are one of them the same rule applies to you. Now you can choose top-rated night vision scopes or you can add some night vision attachments to your existing scope.

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For quality night vision scopes, you will need to invest more and at the same time, you will get great performance from them. But you are not sure to spend that amount of money primarily, you can go for a cheap night vision attachment and upgrade later. Since we are already done discussing the perfect NV scopes, in this article we will mention the things you should consider before adding night vision to a scope.

Is Night Vision Necessary for Your Scope?

First of all, you need to know if you really require a night vision scope or attachment. Night vision scopes only work at night and you can’t use them in daylight without making some changes. Rather, sunlight may severely damage the main tube of a night vision scope. On the other hand, various night vision attachments are available in the market. You can easily avail one of them with less expense and add it to your existing scope to have certain advantages. This way you will have night vision with your scope and that scope is always available to be used.

5 Things to Consider Before Adding Night Vision to a Scope

Adding Night Vision to a ScopeFor adding night vision to your scope, you can choose either the rear mounting devices or the front mounting ones. You should check the following facts to know the best option for you.

Eye Relief

Eye Relief refers to the distance between the shooter’s eye and the lens of the scope or other optical devices. It is the optimal distance that allows you to see clearly. More or less distance than the eye relief will result in fuzzy viewing. So eye relief plays a great role in great visibility.

While adding night vision attachments to the scope, you may get two available mounting options. One is rear mounting and the other is front mounting. In the case of front mounting, there will be no change in eye relief. For rear mounting, you will notice that the eye relief has reduced significantly after adding the attachment.


Recoil occurs with every shooting and impact increases while you are using a hunting rifle. Night vision is generally required for hunting at night. So before choosing the night vision attachment consider the recoil. Rear mounting options reduce eye relief. Therefore, recoil has a great possibility to injure the shooters. For this reason, most of the shooters try to avoid rear-mount attachments. In this case, front mount attachments are great since they don’t have any effect on the eye relief. If you are looking at night vision attachments for surveillance or security purpose, you may consider the rear-mount devices.

Zero the Scope

While you are shooting or adding any attachments to the rifle, you need to zero the scope. Otherwise, the target will be missed. For night vision attachments, most of them affect the zero of scope except the front-mount ones. So after adding the add on you need to zero the scope again. Or with front-mount attachments, you can get rid of this issue forever.


Every time you add some attachments to the scope or rifle, you need to bear some extra weight and adjust the balance. So far, you have observed that front-mount attachments are great since they don’t hamper the eye relief, worsen the recoil, or the zero of the scope. But you must know that front-mount attachments have a significant effect on the overall balance of the gun. And they make the gun lean towards the front end. So you must adjust and balance with this problem. In this case, rear-mount options have no such problem at all.


Price is the single most important factor while buying anything. We have already mentioned that high-end NV scopes cost a lot. But they provide great performance. On the other hand, front-mount costs between standalone scopes and rear-mount options. So rear-mount devices are cheaper than other options. But they have some disadvantages too. That means you need to choose wisely considering all the positive and negative facts.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Adding Night Vision to a Scope

Before buying anything, take enough time to find the right choice for you. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your valuable money. Below are some facts that you should always keep in mind.

  • Always choose the right attachment for your scope
  • Before adding the attachments, make sure your rifle is not loaded
  • After adding the attachment, check and zero your scope if necessary
  • Night vision only works at night. Therefore, you can’t use the attachment in the day time

Final Words

A scope with night vision can open new dimensions for your shooting and hunting. But adding night vision to a scope may seem challenging to many especially for the beginners. Once you go through the facts we mentioned above, hopefully, you can choose the perfect option for you without any hesitation. Good luck with your night shooting.

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