Best 22LR Scope for Target Shooting: Best Rimfire Scope of 2021 for Target Shooting

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

22LR rifles are the best go-to option for the general-purpose like shooting, hunting, home defense, etc. It is a great choice for shooting enthusiasts. Its light-weight, affordable, and available. In the case of target shooting, 22LR has great potential for both beginners and experts. And a perfect scope will bring your 22LR rifle to the next level for target shooting. But finding out the best 22LR scope for target shooting is quite challenging.

In this article, we will look forward to lessening that challenge. We will discuss the best 22LR scopes for various types of target shooting with a detailed buying guide. Beginners will find this article really helpful and experts will find some gems from it.

Comparison Table of 22lr Target Shooting Scope

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Best 22LR Scope for Target Shooting (Recommended for Target Shooters)

01. Nikon PROSTAFF RIMFIRE 22LR Scope for Target Shooting


Nikon is a name that will always surprise you with outstanding optics and amazing service. In our search for the best scope for the 22LR target shooting, we found Nikon PROSTAFF RIMFIRE II as a great choice. This sleek-looking sturdy scope feels very good. Once you look through it, you will be amazed by the clarity.

Nikon PROSTAFF II incorporates a BDC 150 reticle which is great for the trajectory of hypervelocity. This scope has an amazing parallax setting to shoot with confidence and precision from 50 yards to 150 yards and beyond.

This Nikon rimfire scope has integrated zero-reset turret features into all new riflescopes. With this feature, field adjustment has become very simple and easy than at any time. After sighting in just lift, the spring-loaded adjustment knob and rotate to zero. Now you are ready for reengaging. Just a piece of cake!

Nikon PROSTAFF II comes with fully multicoated lenses that provide up to 98% light transmission and clear brightness from dawn to dusk. With its generous and consistent eye relief, your brow will remain safe even in case of heavy recoiling or severe shooting angles. Not only that, but this model is also sunshade adaptable and glare protective.

This compact rimfire scope can perform equally in all types of weather since it is water and fog-proof. Its tube is nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed. Its precise, ¼-Inch at 50 yards’ hand-turn adjustments enable positive click reticle adjustments and get you to zero position in a very fast way.

At this affordable price, you will hardly find any better alternative to this scope. You will definitely get additional features with a higher price and lower price items may dishearten you.


  • Magnification 3-9x
  • Best Rimfire Scope under 200
  • Developed for higher velocity
  • Precise 1/4″ at 50 yards adjustment
  • Spring-loaded instant zero turrets
  • Best 22lr scope for target shooting
  • 40 parallax-free @ 50 yards
  • Weatherproof multicoated lens


  • Takes time to get easy with parallax


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02. Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope for Target Shooting


If you are tight on budget and still looking for a scope that will not dishearten you rather deliver with big-game performance Simmons Truplex .22 Mag is a perfect choice for you. In fact, it is the best rifle scope under 50. Simmons differs from the rest due to its innovative features. Simmons Truplex with its Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece, 32mm objective lenses enable you to acquire the target with ease. Besides, 95mm of eye relief will comfort your precious eyes greatly.

While looking for targets, you can use its 3-9x magnification level to do the job easily. The magnification range is adjustable and the triplex reticle will contribute to shooting accuracy. With 10.7/3.6 mm exit pupil, 10 oz. weight and field view of 31.4/10.5 at 100 yards, Simmons Truplex .22 Mag is in a class all its own. With its parallax correction preset from 50 yards to infinity, you will find easily shoot the target.

The package includes rimfire 3/8inch dovetail mountain rings so that you can install the scope on your rifle instantly. You may like to use rifles wearing gloves. Most of the scopes may seem slippery to you while using gloves. But Simmons’ SureGrip rubber surfaces assure easy adjustments under any conditions even when you are wearing gloves.

All these features will have no value if the lenses are below standard. Simmons knows it better than others. This rimfire riflescope has fully coated high-quality optical glass lenses to present you with bright, sharp, and high-contrast images. And, this unique scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. In other words, it will accompany you to all types of rough weather.

While buying this best budget rimfire scope keep in mind that you will get what you are paying for. If you compare the item with its price, you will realize that you are getting almost the best option within so cheap price.


  • Magnification 3-9x
  • Great Affordability
  • Best Rimfire Scope under 100
  • Very little distortion in case of magnification
  • Comfortable rubber surface
  • Hydro-Shield lenses
  • Offers good warranty
  • Mountain rings included


  • Including rings may not fit with all rifles

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03. Nikon P-223 BDC 600 with Rapid Action Turret


You can’t ignore the Nikon P series when you are talking about the best scope for target shooting. And P series are specially built for AR-style rifles. Nikon P-223 incorporates trajectory-compensating BDC 600 reticles which simplify longer range shooting. Its reticle features unique open circle aiming points having hash marks from 100 to 600 yards. Each P-Series scope is completely optimized for Spot On Ballistic Match Technology and this feature enables great precision with virtually any caliber or load.

Nikon P-223 comes with all the features that long-range shooters look for. It is engineered around the .223 Rem/5.56 mm NATO round with a 55-grain polymer tip bullet. This lightweight compact scope performs great for close-quarters close shooting. Extreme shooters find this scope handy since its lightweight feature creates negligible tiredness even in a day-long shooting. And this scope will accompany you for a long time due to its durable aluminum material.

You can make this scope quick hand-turn ¼ inch at 100-yard adjustments with Rapid Action Turrets. These adjustments are made really easy with Spring-Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets. With these options you can easily dial in the distances via Rapid Action Turrets and BDC 600 reticles are already there to compensate for the bullet drop. Its click-stop reticle adjustments are easy to hear and feel and your shot is made creep off target thereby. You will get zeroed fast and maintain the setting even with repeated recoil and under the rugged condition with its positive click reticle adjustments.

Its quick focus eyepiece will allow you to bring the reticle into sharp focus instantly. The outside diameter of the eyepiece is 44 mm, the exit pupil measures 3.3-10 mm, the eye relief is 3.7 in, and has a field of view from 7.3- 23.6 ft. at 100 yards.

This scope has a fully multicoated optical system. Each glass surface has multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds and therefore provides a bright and vivid view. This nitrogen-filled tube is determined to ensure optimum light transmission and maximum brightness in all conditions. You can use this waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof O-sealed scope with confidence under the toughest conditions.


  • Perfect for long-range shooting
  • Trajectory-compensating reticle
  • Optimized for Ballistic Match Technology
  • Instant Zero-Reset Turrets
  • Weather Proof
  • Fully Multicoated Optic System


  • Best output comes with AR rifles

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04. Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex


If budget is not a problem, you should give Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex a shot. It is durable and compact and comes with a one-inch main tube which is very much lightweight and fits more legacy rings. Leupold is determined to give you outstanding performance whether you use them on the battlefield, in war, or on the hunt. Leupold has put nearly a century’s worth of research and development into its products. And this Leupold Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex is no exception. With this scope, you will Leupold’s classic fast focus eyepiece with a low-profile lock ring which makes reticle focus easy to acquire and maintain great precision while shooting.

Leupold FX-I Rimfire has a famous 2nd generation Argon/Krypton gas blend which absorbs almost all the effect of thermal shock like a pro-level thermal scope, reduces the diffusion of gases sealed inside the scope. This item is made with Leupold’s Proprietary nitrogen sealing process and completely waterproof and fog-proof. This best precision rimfire scope is always ready to accompany you out in the field.

Its micro-friction dials are marked in ¼ MOA increments to ease windage and elevation adjustments. The duplex reticle combines the perks of finer and thicker crosshairs. The thicker outer portion makes it easy to achieve the target faster while the thinner central part enables to aim long ranges easily. The Exterior lens contains Diamond Coat 2 which is an ion-assist lens coating resulting in better and higher light transmission and abrasion resistance. Besides, Diamond Coating 2 helps light transmission for greater clarity and contrast image. In short, you will find this scope as the best match in the wildest part of the earth.


  • Leupold’s classic fast-focus eyepiece
  • 4x magnification
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy windage and elevation adjustment
  • Argon/Krypton gas blend
  • Duplex reticle
  • Matte black finish
  • DiamondCoat 2


  • Pricey

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05. Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Rifle Scope for Target Shooting


This is another best 22lr BDC reticle scope for target shooting from the Nikon P series. Nikon P-RIMFIRE has a BDC 150 reticle specially developed for the trajectory of the .22 long rifle RimFire round. This newly designed reticle enables shooters to easily aim from 50 to 150 yards through unique open circle aiming points. It is made of polymer aluminum resulting in enough durability to accompany you for a long time. In an ideal case, you will hand over this scope to your next generation.

Nikon BDC 150 scope features eco glass lenses that are made without lead or arsenic. Not only that, but the lenses are also coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. That’s why you will get maximum light transmission and brightness from dawn to dusk. The anti-reflective compound will minimize unwanted reflections in a great way. This scope has almost all the features that will greatly pass most of the target shooting scenarios.

It has a 4.6-16 mm exit pupil, 3.8 in eye relief, and 6.4-22.3 ft. field of view at 50 yards. All these options are enough for a 22lr. Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 is a great match for a modern sporting rifle. You can instantly adjust your target using the ¼ inch adjustment option. To minimize the parallax error, this scope comes with 50 yards parallax setting and has a maximum internal adjustment of 80 MOA.

This best 22 rimfire rifle scope has zero-reset turret features like other perfect scopes for target shooting. With this feature, you have to just sight in, as usual, rotate to your zero by lifting the spring-loaded adjustment knob. Actually, field adjustment is no more a difficult job.


  • 2-7x magnification
  • Maximum precision when changing magnification
  • Unique open circle aiming points
  • Best 22lr target shooting scope
  • Zero-Reset turret
  • Comfortable eye relief


  • A bit pricey

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Buying Guide of Best Target Shooting Scope for 22lr

We hope that you are now significantly familiar with the best rifle scope for the 22lr target shooting. But that’s not enough. Among the five options that we have considered in our list, how you will know which one is the best match for you? If are an expert already, you may not even need this article.

But if you are just a beginner or mere interested in target shooting, we would like to introduce you to the most important factors that you must know and check very carefully before buying any quality night vision scope for target shooting.

Parallax Compensation for 22lr Target Shooting Scopes

Best-22lr-scope-for-target-shootingThe parallax problem occurs due to the object not being coplanar with the reticle. That means the focal plane of the object that you are targeting is in front of the reticle or behind the reticle. This error results in aiming error and therefore missing targets.

To rectify this error with a significantly successful result most of the modern scopes come with an amazing feature named Parallax Compensation.

The parallax Compensation mechanism actually consists of an optical element that moves to enable the whole system to project the target for crossfire at various distances and the reticle crosshairs remain in the same plane with the object. Therefore, you are good to shoot at that moment.

Typically, 50 yards either fixed or adjustable parallax is recommended for hunters whereas adjustable, side focus or adjustable objective should adopt for target shooters.

Different scopes have different levels of parallax compensation like the Marlin 336. You can have enough level of parallax compensation at a better price.

Reticle Choice for 22 LR Target Shooting Scopes

Out of the different reticle types, BDC, duplex, and Mil-Dot are the most common options.

Bullet Drop Compensation

BDC aka Bullet Drop Compensation is one of the greatest features of modern time scopes. It is also referred to as ballistic elevation sometimes. In a flat fire scenario at a given distance, every bullet is affected due to gravity. BDC reticle feature compensates for this effect and you will get a nice experience while shooting.

But you may have to adjust this feature with your rifle, windage, and other circumstances accordingly.

Duplex Reticle

Duplex reticle is very common around. This is a thin center crosshair that grows the thickness while travels out. It helps to focus the eye on the center. It is perfect for hunters.

Mil-Dot Reticle

This is almost similar to a duplex reticle with a core difference. Mil or MRAD is shortened form of Milliradian that is primarily used for military purposes. MRAD is an angular measurement system and its value is 1/1000th of a radian.

There are dots to assist target locating and estimating hold-over. It is also used for range finding purposes too. Scopes with mil-dot is the best option for target shooting.

Scope Adjustability and Turrets for 22lr Target Shooter

Scopes come out of the manufacturing process with some basic and default settings. Those settings may give you the best result or may not. In either case, before jump into shooting, you would like to check if you can adjust the scope easily and quickly. To have that adjustability luxury, make sure that you are buying the right model of scope with your required features.

It is anticipated that you will shoot in different ranges with various elevations and facing windage. To achieve your target, you will have to adjust your scope precisely and accordingly. Whether you are shooting in a short-range or long-range with your scope, you should be provided with distortion-free and crisp images with fine details.

Most rifle scopes come either exposed or capped turret styles. Exposed turrets allow manual adjustments and capped turrets are adjusted once when zeroing a rifle. When you go for long-range shooting, adjustable turrets are a must.

Most of the standard scopes now have a zero-reset turret feature. With this feature, field adjustment has become a piece of cake. If you are into bow shooting, you can use a quality bow sight for a nice experience too.

Types of 22 LR Scopes for Target Shooting

There are various types of scopes for target shooting with 22LR. Knowing the available scopes, it’ll be easier for you to pick the best 22 LR riflescope for target shooting.

Red Dot Sight

The red dot is a popular sight used for target practicing. It projects an illuminated reticle on the target that you are focusing on. This is simple to use and provides great vision.

Iron Sight

This sight is a metallic alignment marker that is used while sighting using a weapon. It is a reliable and basic sight available and still works well for target shooting.

Whenever you plan to align any iron sight, it requires two sights to line up perfectly. Iron sights are cheap that makes them good to have on target practicing.

Laser Sight

The laser sight is commonly found in shooting nowadays. It projects a laser beam on the target. This sight helps to identify targets clearly as well as improves accuracy.

Lens Size and Quality

The lens is the main thing for all kinds of optics. It is responsible for light transmission, reducing distractions like reflection, bright light, and so on. Therefore, all optics should be bought after checking the overall objective lens performance and features carefully. Better lenses will help you achieve a good result while shooting even in a bad condition.

The objective lens size of rimfire scopes comes around 30 to 45 mm that is quite well for target shooting using 22 LR scope. The smaller lens isn’t good for clear vision as expected whereas larger ones are bulky. So, always go for the optimum size.

For hunting tasks like coyote scope hunting, target shooting, and similar tasks, you must have the lenses with an anti-reflective coating so that you have to face the minimum level of reflection issues. A scope with this feature will enable you to acquire great precision even in an unfavorable condition. For that matter, a hunting light for a predator like a coyote hunting light can be a nice addition.

Some of the scopes in the market have multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. We suggest you check that before jumping to any decision. And if you want to shoot at night using a quality goggle you should consider some other options that will enable you to see at night time.

Focal Plane

Depending upon the reticle’s position, sights can be classified as first focal plane and second focal plane. When the reticle goes toward the objective lens, that’s the First Focal Plane (FFP). And if the reticle places rear or near the objective lens, it’s called Second Focal Plane (SFP).

With magnification increases, FFP grows larger. On the other hand, the reticle remains the same in SFP no matter how much magnification you apply. That’s why FFP is ideal for long-range shooting and SFP is good for close range when small magnification is applied. Keep in mind, if you apply low magnification, the crosshair seems very small in FFP.

Zoom Level


Zoom level aka magnification tells you how far you can target with that scope. In general, from 3 to 9 times zoom level is the best magnification range for the 22lr scope. If you are looking forward to shooting at a long distance you have to choose accordingly. In that case, go for more magnification level. For regular use, go for the standard zoom level. And if you want some additional features like quality magnification with red dots, you may have to buy other devices.

When you are shooting up to 50 yards (close range), 1 to 4x magnification will be good enough. For a medium-range shooter (50 to 100 yards) 4 to 7x magnification will be ideal. And, if you go for beyond 100 yards (long-range) shooting, it’s recommended to have 7 to 9x magnification.

22lr Target Shooting Scope Material

The durability of your scope largely depends on your maintenance and its building material. Polymer aluminum forged scopes are normally durable. You can go for that. Some have a comfortable rubber surface, some have nice matte black finishing.

If budget is not a problem, you should try to avail yourself scopes that are forged out of premium materials. Premium materials cost more than standard materials.

Flexible Installation

Scopes come with mounting rings that enable you to install the scope on your rifle. But all the scopes do not have ergonomic rings to allow a fast setup. Before buying any scope, check and double-check if your chosen model will perfectly set up with your rifle. Otherwise, you will suffer even after purchasing an expensive scope.

But you shouldn’t worry much about this. Best rimfire rifle scopes for target shooting come with the best rimfire scope rings. Besides, most of the manufacturers will provide you with standard mounting rings with the best 22 rifle scope.

Rimfire Scope vs Centerfire Scope

During your shooting period, you will definitely face this dilemma. Actually, rimfire and centerfire differ primarily based on their firing pin. Rimfire ammo strikes the rim of the cartridge to ignite the primer while centerfire ammo strikes the primer at the center to strike.

Rimfire has less magnification but they are lightweight. That makes them really a good choice for close-range shooting and small game scopes. Besides they create a lesser recoil effect.

Rimfire ammo is cheap and therefore very much affordable. But they are limited to small calibers.

Centerfire ammo is reloadable but rimfire ammo is not. Centerfire is more reliable since they come in larger calibers. For having an optimum go, you may choose some handy EOTech clone sights too.

Weather Proof 22lr Target Shooting Scope

Unlikely you will use the scope only in normal weather. Rather, it is highly expected that you would eagerly want to use the scope whenever you want or need, whether in fog, rain, or storm. In that case, you should check certain things before buying any scope.

If you choose a scope that is at least standard in price and features like the Vortex HD LH or Vortex Venom, you will possibly get a rough weatherproof scope. Yet, our suggestion would be you should notice whether your chosen model is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof or not. You don’t want to regret buying something.

If you are not an enthusiast hunter or shooter, you may not need a high-quality scope that will accompany you even in rough and tough weather. In that case, you may buy just a decent scope. But waterproof scopes come very handily for a keen hunter like the turkey hunter.


While purchasing a scope for 22 LR, choose a lightweight option, otherwise, it’ll be difficult for you especially for beginners to maintain the balance. Typically, 22 LR rifles weigh around 5 pounds so don’t attach the scope over 1 pound.

Safety Comes First for Target Shooting with 22lr Scopes

Now you know some of the best scopes for target shooting and the most important factors to keep in mind before jumping to any final decision. But another aspect is still here, that you should never neglect.

While shooting is very much enjoyable and challenging, it may become dangerous if safety guidelines when hunting are not taken care of. There are safety tips for gun users as well as for hunters. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or just a beginner, safety procedure is always the same and important for all. So, don’t forget to follow them. You should always try to avoid common target shooting mistakes and follow the basic tips to acquire better precision. Using a backpacking-grade monocular can be helpful before any shooting is done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why you need the best 22 LR riflescope for target shooting?

The .22LR is a chambered firearm that is not powerful enough compared to larger cartridges. However, by attaching lightweight and high power scope with 22LR, you can easily extend the range over 500 yards. It will also improve shooters’ performance and efficiency a lot. Moreover, 22LR scopes are less expensive and reliable.

  1. Can I use a rimfire scope on a centerfire rifle?

The centerfire rifle is a high-caliber firearm. So if you mount a rimfire scope on this, it can’t handle the centerfire rifle’s heavy recoil. Rather than, use a rimfire scope for a low-caliber weapon like .22lr. But, you can use a centerfire scope on a rimfire rifle if needed.

  1. How far will a .22LR shoot accurately?

This depends upon the velocity of ammo and the height of the scope. Usually, .22lr is accurate up to 150 yards. However, some models will allow around 2000 yards also.

  1. How do I mount a rimfire scope on a 22 rifle? 

First of all, read out the manufacturer’s instructions, because it may vary a bit from model to model. Then check the ring and base. Now stable your gun vertically or at least make it horizontal to the ground. If you use rail, apply a little amount of oil underneath it to prevent corrosion.

Afterward, level the scope, it’s very crucial for mounting any scope. Then set it up in the bottom rings and slightly tighten the screws. Now adjust the reticle by following the manufacturer’s manual. And finally, attach the top rings with lower rings and tighten the screws. So, your .22 rifle is ready to sight and shoot.

  1. What is the best 22lr rifle for target shooting?

There are numerous options such as Anschutz 64, Zermatt Arms RimX, Ruger Precision Rimfire, and so on.


That’s all from our 22lr scope recommendations. We really hope that our detailed review will help you choose the best .22lr scope for target shooting. You are not limited to our suggestion only. There are many products out there in the market. We wish you a great shooting experience. Have a great day!

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