3 Best EOTech Clone Sight Reviews: Budget EOTech Clones of 2021!

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

To any avid hunter or shooter, EOTech is a familiar brand as they have become reputed for making good quality gun accessories over the years. Particularly, their holographic sights are a top-notch invention for gun lovers. These gun sights have a wonderful depth-perceiving ability and this technology makes it a stand-out product in the market. Because of this high quality, they are a bit costly.

That is where the introduction of EOTech clones was a must for the common outdoor people. And, that is why we’ve made an effort to present you with the best EOTech clones for having an optimum replacement for the best EOTech holographic sights. So, let’s find out those best clones that were handpicked from a vast number of them just for you!

Best Choices

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3 Best EOTech Clones for the Money

01. Field Sport Dual Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles

Field-Sport-Red-and-Green-Reflex-Sight-with-4-ReticlesThe Field Sport Reflex Sight is a popular choice for many shooters and hunters who love to have rapid shots on any moving targets. This high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum-made sight is very light in weight. It is built to resist water and has a shockproof body which enhances the performance greatly. The sight famously has 4 reticle patterns which are the single dot, dot in a circle, crosshair, and crosshair with a circle. So, you can have a wide variety of choices which is great to have plenty of eye relief.

There are two color options for the sight. They are green and red which have five brightness levels for each. When you are using it for indoor shooting, pick the number 1 brightness level. Because you don’t need too much brightness indoor. But for outside in bright sunshine, you may opt for having the top brightness level 5. For each of the selections of the reticles, you will need to adjust the sight by zeroing it. It will be easy for you if you can choose one reticle and stick to it. That will ensure easy recoiling.

There are two Allen head screws for adjusting the elevation and windage with respect to the best aim points. The elevation hole is at the top of the body and the windage hole at the side. The body is a built-in Picatinny mounting base that helps to remount the sight with maximum ease. It has a dovetail-shaped mounting structure measuring 3/8” for air guns and crossbows. The tubeless design has a multi-coated lens and a black finish. These close quarters combat sight comes with a thermoplastic dust cover for its lens. It’s a wonderful clone of the EOTech products that will serve you with high value.


  • Shock-resistant T6 6061 aluminum body
  • Open field of view
  • Infinite eye relief
  • 4 reticle options
  • Two-color options for brightness
  • Picatinny rail mount system
  • Lightweight body
  • CR2032 lithium battery
  • Lens cleaning cloth


  • Not for heavy use


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02. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight, Substitute for Holographic red dot Sights

Dagger-Defense-DDHB-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight,-Reflex-Sight-Optic-and-Substitute-for-Holographic-red-dot-SightsThe next competitor is the Dagger Defense DDHB, which is also a reflex sight with high-performance history. This awesome sight also has four reticles like the previous one which are the dot, dot in a circle, crosshair, and crosshair with a circle. There are two color options for the brightness level. As usual, you need to choose the brightness level according to your needs. In low light conditions, low brightness will do. The sight is made from high-grade aluminum similar to aircraft.

This Dager Defense includes a hex wrench to adjust the elevation. When the target moves up, you need to elevate the sight. This doesn’t mean the uplifting of reticles rather the sight because of the target. You can also adjust the windage through the hex wrench as you need. There is a rotary knob for the selection of reticle color and brightness level. The knob also holds the CR20132 lithium battery that comes with the package.

When you want to set the zero lock, you need to use the hex wrench. But remember that, you only need to use the zero set screw when the zero is not holding. When needed, you should turn the set screw 1-2 times clockwise for further locking of the zero. Again, only if the zero isn’t holding. That is because it is a free-floating screw and there is a risk of damaging the unit for unnecessary or overturning of the screw than needed. The black finish Picatinny clone sight comes with an instruction manual and a cloth for lens cleaning.


  • Four reticle position
  • Easy fade adjustment
  • Hex wrench for elevation and windage adjustment
  • The rotary knob helps to choose reticles and brightness
  • Lithium battery
  • Set screw for zero locking
  • Cool black finish
  • Picatinny rail for mounting
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • The ergonomic design saves space


  • Attach mount isn’t top-notch

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03. CVLIFE 1X22X33 Reflex Sight with 20mm Rail Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope

CVLIFE-1X22X33-Red-Green-Dot-Gun-Sight-Scope-Reflex-Sight-with-20mm-RailThe CVLIFE Reflex Sight is a superb addition to the EOTech clone series as it can supplement easily in target shooting and hunting. It can aim at quickly moving subjects with maximum accuracy. The sight has four reticle types as usual. They are circle dot, cross, 10 MOA, and 3 MOA. This is a reflex-type sight that offers two color options in brightness selection. There are five brightness categories for this CVLIFE gun sight scope. Red and green illumination create the best target acquisition possible for any shooter or hunter.

It’s made of high-grade aluminum alloy which makes the dot sight lightweight and durable. The sight is shockproof and can absorb the power of gun thrust far better than any other dot sight. Its anti-glare reflective coated lenses will ensure better optical clarity. The windage and elevation can be easily adjusted with the help of an Allen wrench. There is an integrated mounting system for any 20mm RIS, Picatinny, and weaver rail. Here, quick detachment is simple and easy.

The knob enables easy control of the reticle types. It has a tubeless design with a 33mm reflex lens aperture which will provide the shooter or hunter a wide 15.8mx100m field of view. This dot sight comes with a rubber protective cover and two CR2032 lithium batteries along with the package. It offers you the maximum versatility and convenience when you shoot. It’s a very lightweight dot sight clone that comes with a budget price.


  • 4 different reticles
  • Two-color illumination setting
  • Allen wrench for elevation and windage adjustment
  • Light and durable body
  • Easy mounting system
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Three-position rheostat illumination
  • Anti-glare lens
  • Rubber cover for lens protection
  • Wide field of view


  • Not for heavy guns

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Buying Guide for Best EOTech Clones

Best-Eotech-CloneBefore you choose any EOTech clones for your shooting or hunting purposes, you need to know how to pick the right one. There are several aspects that need to be taken care of for any potential buyer. Here, we’ll discuss the basics features that help any clones stand out from the rest.

The first thing is the body material.

Material of EOTech Clones

Most of the sights are used in heavy conditions on high-caliber guns and firearms. As a result, they face a lot of physical and chemical abuse during the shooting. So, every clone sights are needed to be built with strong material that can absorb the heavy condition. In that aspect, aluminum and magnesium have the upper hand. Most of the sights are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that offers the ultimate strength. Like the Sightmark ultra shot. Another advantage of these materials is they are very light in weight and can take the repeated high recoil function without any hassle. These alloys can maintain the body structure with ease and perform superbly in all conditions.


Like the holographic EOTech products, the EOTech clones do not have a high-caliber reticle. Instead, they have reticles with a lower price range. These are simple dot reticle types or reflex types. Also, they offer you great varieties in terms of reticle size and design. You can also have several reticle options in the clones which are kept inside the settings locked when you use them. These are great functions for a low-priced clone sight.

Window Size

These windows are similar to that of the original EOTech products. But the difference is that they have a lens that isn’t the same quality as the high-priced one. However, they perform just fine for you when you need one. As the sights are made for acquiring the target quickly and easily, they need to be wide-shaped rectangular. Thus it will help to focus on the target comfortably. The field of view is of high importance for any gun sight. Square-shaped windows are perfect for that.

Don’t forget the glass quality for your scope while you buy one. The glass needs to be of high grain quality as that will reduce the glare of the light source. Thus, it will provide a crisp and clear view of the target for the shooters.

Brightness Adjustment

Brightness adjustment is a big advantage of the clone items as they provide a wide range of options for that. As a result, you can switch between different brightness settings according to your needs. In low light situations, minimum level brightness will be good and in broad daylight, you may need higher ones. The actual EOTechs don’t have an adjustment option. So, that’s a blow for them and an advantage for the clone ones. Also, easy and smooth control of the brightness is expected for any good clones.

Mounting Rails for EOTech Clones

Mounting options are also very important for a good EOTech alternative. You’ll find two different mounting systems – quick disconnect (QD) and standard with a screw mount. The screw mount weighs less but needs more time to take on and off. This will save almost $25 bucks. The screw system provides lower and absolute co-witness compared to QD-mounting of lower 1/3 co-witness.

Before buying any holographic replacements, you need to check out the railing systems that the sight supports. Although you can buy an adapter if you want, that will burden you with more cost, weight, height, and discomfort. The mounting options should be easy to handle and comfortable to mount. They also need to be okay with most of the firearm types like Picatinny, weaver, RIS, and others.


EOTech replicas come in different shapes and sizes. But they are designed for space-saving as well as easy mounting to any gun. Most of them are not too big and their length usually varies from 2 to 5 inches. It is important to know which size will fit your gun before the final purchase.


EOTech’s clones provide 1x fixed magnification. But this is really great for holographic sights most of the time. However, using top-notch EOTech magnifiers, you can easily magnify the reticle. Moreover, if you need more powerful devices, you can switch to other options.

Field of View

Most hunters and shooters prefer a wide field of view (FOV). Luckily, EOTech sights give a large FOV. The field of view is related to magnification. Lower magnification sights allow wide FOV whereas bigger magnification devices provide a small field of view.

As EOTech sights come with 1x magnification so you will get more field of view. Thus EOTech sights allow in shooting at varying ranges.

Parallax Issues for Best EOTech Clones

There are conflicting opinions on EOTech parallax. A group claims that EOTech is 100% “parallax free”. But, the most real EOTech holographic sights show some parallax. Still, real EOTech’s parallax is far far better than the fake EOTech.

Power Source

As you already know that EOTech clones don’t work on laser principle rather on LED illumination, the clone sights don’t need as much energy as the original ones. The EOTech clones always use a battery as the power source. Long battery life is a must for the sights as you will be shooting outside for a lengthy period of time. So, a few hundred hours will be good for the battery life of the clone sights. If that is not the case for any particular type of clone sight, then you need to move on to the next option available. A digital switch is a nice way to control power consumption.


Gunsights and rifle sights are used in the outdoor world most of the time. As a result, they come in contact with water, fog, dust, and debris all the time. Besides, they face a huge amount of shock when any ultra shot is taken. So, they need to be very well made and durable in those situations. They need to be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof to deliver the best result and durability. They also need a protective cover for the lens when they are not used. Most of the sights come with one. Among all the features, shock resistance is the most important one. As the high caliber rifles produce a lot of shock during the shooting. So, the EOTech knockoff needs to be function-able after all these heavy situations. The EOTech NV series military models have good resistance in a rough environment.


The price is the real reason behind the innovation of the clone items. The original EOTech price can go from $400 to $1000! That is where the clone dot sights or reflex sights come in very handy. They have a price range from $15 to $100!! Can you believe that? This is a big motivation behind opting for a clone EOTech. They serve alright for the buyers in all situations. So, you can save a lot from buying a clone EOTech.

What is an EOTech Holographic Sight?

The EOTech holographic sight is one of the masterpieces of technology. Though they don’t offer any magnification, they are very good at providing you with a depth perception of the target. They use a 3D reticle for their holographic sight which is etched into the plate between two windows. Then, lasers are directed to illuminating the reticle. They own the patent of making true holographic sights for the users. They can serve you with maximum ease and control with moving targets. You can always fire your ultra shot from the right and the left side of the guns. No need to align your eye with the window like the quality night vision scopes. They use a projection system for capturing the view and then projecting it on the glass.

It will give you a better view of the target which is clear and crispy. It also decreases the glares and ghosting of the environment. With zero magnification, you can get a depth perception with these EOTech holographic ones. This is the key feature of the costly sights that makes it so popular among the shooter community. Many of the users have become a fan of EOTech 512, EOTech 518, EOTech 552-night vision, EOTech g33 magnifier & other EOTech models because of the higher quality. As these are the expensive ones, many opt for a much economical type. Hence, they go for an EOTech clone with a lower price margin.

Difference Between the Real EOTech Sight and the EOTech Clone

The construction of the real EOTech and the clones are different as well as their working principle. Whilst a red dot sight or top reflex sight uses LED for projecting the target on the reticle, a holographic one uses a laser for that purpose. Thus it offers a depth perception for the shooter or hunter. You’ll also get good options to replace your EOTech for ar15.

For a clone quality red dot magnifier sight or reflex budget sight, an addition of magnification isn’t the best solution. As the red dot becomes very big because of it and precise shooting becomes difficult because of that. The reticle of the holographic sight has a zooming property that helps to increase the MOA. Thus, the target acquisition of far distance becomes easy for it. The greatest advantage of it is the movement of the head at different angles while you are shooting because of the depth perception. Because of that technological superiority, they cost high. Like the Vortex Razor HD or Vortex Venom red dot. You may also follow some forums to have more info.

EOTech vs Sightmark

In terms of quality sight with great features, both the EOTech and the Sightmark are almost the same. EOTech first introduced the holographic sight and since then it is leading the field. Sightmark is also famous for providing quality sights within an affordable price limit.

EOTech sights are high-end and durable. Therefore, they cost more than other available products. On the other hand, you can get Sightmark sights at a cheaper price. Ultimately the choice depends on your requirements. You should go for the EOTech ones if you are an advanced hunter or shooter. Otherwise, Sightmark is really good for most people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the best Clones for an EOTech Sight?
    Ans: We consider Field Sports Reflex Sight as the top choice since it allows rapid shots on moving targets.
  2. Who makes EOTech clone?
    Ans: With time, the optics industry has evolved greatly. Similarly, many manufacturers have come forward with great quality EOTech clones. Among them, Sightmark, Burris, Fedachi, CVLife are doing really great. Others are improving rapidly.
  3. Where to buy a good EOTech clone?
    Ans: The options are plenty. You can buy from any renowned online store. In case you have finalized a particular brand, you can directly go to their official site and purchase one. Again, you can also find a local salesman great helpful.
  4. Why EOTech is renowned?
    Ans: EOTech is renowned for its holographic weapon sight (HWS). It was the only company until early 2017 that manufactured holographic sights before Vortex introduced a competing product.
  5. Red dot vs. holographic sight – which is better?
    Ans: Holographic sights are superior to red dot or reflex sights in terms of performance. That’s why most elite militaries and law enforcements use holographic sights whereas red dots are used for hunting and casual shooting. The US Navy SEALs primarily use EOTech and Aimpoint sights.The advanced technology of holographic sights made them bulky and costly. You will find a basis red dot under $100, whereas holographic sights price is close to $400.Another key difference found in these sights magnification. The HWS maintains reticle size even you magnify it. So, you will find better precision from this sight. On the other hand, red dot sights don’t remain reticle’s size same with varying magnification. Thus, it might be difficult to shoot precisely sometimes with red dots.

    Holographic weapon sights have finer reticles than the red dot sights. The HWS provides better precision and target acquisition. Red dot sights (RDS) are suitable for short to mid-range sighting and shooting. The RDS comes with rounded windows and the HWS has square construction. Both models feature night vision.

  6. What EOTech holographic models are being recalled?
    Ans: The EOTech bring many holographic sight models for different weapons. Some of the popular EOTech HWS are 400, 502, 511, 512, 512.XBOW, 512.LBC1, 512 CAMO, 516, 517, 518, 551, 552, 552.LBC1, 552.LBC2, 552.XR, 553, 555, 555.USMC, 556, 557, 557.3X.FTS, 557.G23.FTS, 557.4XFTS, 557.4XFXD, 558, HHS I, HHS II, MPO II, MPO III, EXPS2, EXPS3, XPS2, XPS2-Z, XPS2-RF, XPS2-Z2, XPS2-300, and XPS3.
  7. How far can I shoot with an EOTech?
    Ans: If you use a 3x magnifier, 300 yards is easy enough. But depending upon target sizes, it may extend out to 500 to 550 yards.
  8. Is mounting and dismounting of EOTech affect zero?
    Ans: In most cases after every mount and dismount, zero will slightly be shifted. To avoid this, you have to pick the sight that doesn’t affect zero.
  9. How long does an EOTech last?
    Ans: EOTech comes with 600 to 2000 hours battery life. It’s recommended to swap the battery every 3 to 4 months.


If you are a serious person who wants the best gears and accessories for his squirrel hunting adventure, coyote hunting with scope, or scope shooting endeavors, then clone sights may not be the best option for you. You should go for the expensive ones. But, if you want to save some bucks and have a moderate quality sight, then this is your deal. It will give you an optimum result and a perfect experience. You may look for other options available, but these are the best EOTech clones for the money.

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