5 Best Laser Rangefinders Reviews for Laser Ranging Purposes!

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

Among the rangefinder family, laser rangefinders are very popular among shooters, hunters, and golfers. If you want the best laser rangefinders for your outdoor adventure, then look no further. Here, we’ve collected the best options from a wide range of them so that you can pick the right items for you.

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There are lots of choices and options on the market when it comes to finding the perfect laser ranger. That is why we’ve screened out the gems from the vast numbers of them and provided a detailed buying guide for you. You will get to know the terms associated with it and what should be given priorities during the purchasing of any laser rangefinder. Let’s jump in then?

Top Choices

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Best Laser Rangefinders For Golf and Hunting

01. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review- Laser Binoculars Laser Range Finder

TecTecTec-VPRO500-Golf-Rangefinder-Laser-Range-Finder-with-Pinsensor-Laser-BinocularsThe TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder is the supreme performer in the laser ranger world. It is an ultimate choice and a very popular option for any golfing lover and shooting enthusiast. This is an updated version for people who love to have a premium quality product beside them. The rangefinder is equipped with advanced pin sensor technology that works in the range of 540 yards. Its continuous scan mode gives the range of surrounding areas.

It can measure accurately the overlapping objects smoothly. The durable body of the ranger is water-resistant and thus protects itself from outdoor damage. The lens display is really awesome for any user. It provides premium and ultra-clear optics that can be seen and read easily. You will see the distance and battery meter on the display. Continuous measurements are shown accurately on the display.

The laser rangefinder is really lightweight and compact in size. You can carry it throughout your playing and hunting time without any problem. It can also assist you in measuring and surveying purposes. The dust-resistant and durable body will last long in the outdoor world in spite of being in contact with rough weather and adverse conditions.

It offers you the ultimate eye-safe class one laser ranging with more than 0.5mW average power output. It comes with a complete package that includes a quick setup box, a good carrying pouch, strap, CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, and a starter guide. The company offers lifetime customer support and a two years’ warranty. Overall, this awesome-looking laser rangefinder is the best option for all ranger lovers.


  • Best laser rangefinder
  • Premium product
  • Different optional modes
  • Durable water-resistant body
  • Pin sensor technology
  • Fast and accurate measurement
  • Ultra-clear and easy read display
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for golfing and hunting
  • Class one laser
  • Best laser ranger for golfing
  • Comes with full accessories
  • Awesome black coating


  • Getting the lock a little bit tricky


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02. TecTecTec ProWild Laser Hunting Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec-ProWild-Hunting-RangefinderThis TecTecTec ProWild rangefinder is a beast for any hunting lover people. If you are tired of using a cheap quality product and want a workhorse for your next hunting adventure, then wait no further. Buy this ProWild laser rangefinder which will give you a very good hunting experience. This premium product can measure up to 540 yards with the continuous scan mode. So, you will get the distances measured instantly and regularly.

The advanced speed technology of the laser ranger offers a very smooth and instant reading. The body of the rangefinder is very strong and durable too. It can endure adverse situations and rough treatment while in outdoor use. The water-resistant body of the ranger helps to protect the device from damage in wet conditions. It has a measurement accuracy of ±1yd. So, you can rely on the reading that this wonderful tool will provide.

The rangefinder will give you a clear reading through the lens display. You will get the distance and battery meter showed through these premium quality optics with maximum ease and comfortability. The continuous and fast measurement of the device is really helpful for serious hunters. You will get a nice carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth, a free CR2 battery, and a quick start guide when the package comes.

It is a very lightweight and portable device for any regular user. It is built with a class 1 laser that has a power output of more than 0.5mW. The body of the laser ranger is water and dustproof. The design is just perfect for carrying with you in any outdoor activities. With this wonderful laser rangefinder with you, you will feel like a pro in the outdoor world.


  • Best laser ranger for hunting
  • Premium quality product
  • Continuous scan mode
  • Fast measurement
  • Quick set up facility
  • Useful accessories
  • Ultra-clear display
  • An easy read for the user
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Class 1 laser ranger


  • Not good for low reflective objects
  • Medium quality belt loop

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03. AOFAR Hunting Archery Waterproof Range Finder-700 Yards Laser Rangefinder

AOFAR-Hunting-Archery-Range-Finder-700-Yards-Waterproof-Laser-Rangefinder-for-Bow-HuntingThe AOFAR Hunting Laser rangefinder is a budget ranger for any outdoor-loving people. It offers lots of functionality and advantages at a very low price that makes it really hard to ignore. This high-precision functional laser ranger offers the most advanced pin sensor technology with a clear view. The 6x magnification is also very cool for this quality ranger with an excellent accuracy level.

You can use it for golfing and hunting in four different modes that this laser rangefinder comes with. That is why this is a super tool for you as there are multiple options to choose from when you take this with you in any outdoor activities. The device can measure a distance of around 700 yards. Besides, the fog mode and the range mode, the device can give you an awesome experience in hunting in bad weather too.

There are other two useful modes namely scan and speed mode. These are really cool for observing the natural outdoor world of your surroundings. You can pick any moving targets and see what are within your range of shooting. Other wonderful attributes of the tool are the portability and compact lightweight size. This will help you in a long day outing for continuous use. The ranger is waterproof and dust resistant.

It comes with a carrying pouch, high-quality portable rope, free CR2 battery, carabiner, one cleaning cloth, and a user manual. Their customer support is really awesome and you get a two-year VIP warranty. The design of the laser ranger is very cool with a wildlife print of the outdoor. With a very budget-friendly option, the laser rangefinder comes highly effective in every outdoor situation.


  • Best budget laser rangefinder
  • High precision laser
  • Four different mode
  • Advanced pin sensor technology
  • Continuous scan mode
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Full accessories
  • Excellent customer support


  • Not very clear instruction manual
  • The display could have been better

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04. Bozily Golf Rangefinder, 1000 Yards 6X Laser Range Finder

Bozily-Golf-RangefinderThis Bozily Rangefinder is the ultimate laser rangefinder for any golf-loving people who want to enjoy a tremendous time golfing. It will also assist you with any hunting adventure that you want to go for. The ranger has an excellent camera with a 6x magnification power that will give a much closer and clearer view of the surroundings. It can cover a distance of 5-1000 yards with ease and 200+ yards for a golf flag. It will give you an accuracy of ±1yd for any given distance.

There are four different scan modes that can assist you in golfing which are slope adjustment in golfing and hunting, vertical measurement, and speed scanning process. The digital LCD display can give you a clear showing of the measurements and other related information to make the correct shooting and hunting decision. It can give a very high-speed reading of the distances in a very short time.

This wonderful laser rangefinder is designed very handily bearing in mind the comfortability of the user. It is a very compact and easily carryable device. You can take it on a long-distance tour and journeys because of the portable size. This ergonomic device will display the distances in meters and yards which can be altered by pressing the button for 3 seconds. It has a laser of class 1905 nm that works superbly.

The ranger comes with a carrying case, a gift box, two CR2 batteries, one carabiner, one cleaning cloth, one lanyard for easy handling, and a manual for the user. This is a long-range ranger for outdoor enthusiasts. You can take it for golfing, hunting, shooting, engineering measurements, and outdoor works. The after-sale service is really awesome and you will get smooth communication with them whenever you want.


  • Four different scan modes
  • The slope on/off technology
  • Very fast focusing
  • Easy distance reading
  • Accuracy to ±1yd
  • Water and fog proof
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Best quality laser ranger


  • Not a high-end product

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05. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder Flag Lock with Vibration 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder

WOSPORTS-Golf-Rangefinder-6X-Golf-Laser-Rangefinder-Flag-Lock-with-Vibration-Continuous-Scan-Speed-for-Golf-Scope-600-YardsThis WOSPORTS Rangefinder is a wonderful addition for golf enthusiasts and hunting lovers. When you will use this magnificent tool on a golf course, you will get the correct distance measurement. This cool ranger will give you accurate yardage as well as a flag lock distance measurement. As a result, you will get a clear shot with your golf club. It offers a continuous scanning of the area to provide you the optimum observation you need.

You will also get benefitted from the distance speed measurement ability of the laser ranger for an awesome outdoor experience. The reflectivity of the measured objects will vary through this ranger. There are various reflective objects such as highly reflective, moderate reflective, and low reflective ones. Such a wide variety of objects can be measured through this laser rangefinder.

You will get a 6x magnification here in the ranger which is decent for a low-priced product like this. The maximum distance that this laser ranger will offer you is 600 yards with a flag lock distance of 200 yards. Like a pro rangefinder, the machine will vibrate when the flag lock distance is achieved. One thing to point here is that the flag lock is a low reflective object.

The WOSPORTS ranger takes the environment factor, target reflectivity, and target shape into consideration. Thus you will get maximum output by this high-performing rangefinder. The laser type of this ranger is 905nm. Because of the slope adjustment distance, you can play golf, shoot from an elevated place, and measure shooting targets quite comfortably and easily. It is a tremendous workhorse for any given situation.


  • Multiple modes
  • Continuous scanning ability
  • Speed measurement
  • Flag lock vibration mode
  • Works for all reflective objects
  • Quality display
  • Good magnification
  • Comes with battery
  • Long-distance measurement


  • Readings may vary sometimes

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Working Principle of a Quality Laser Rangefinder

When you are going to use any particular tool or instrument, you should know the working principle of those tools. A laser rangefinder is no exception to that. So, how does it work?

A laser ranger emits a focused beam of light that is not visible to the naked eye at any given target. The target then reflects that light to the actual source. This whole process takes some time and that time is recorded. As the time for a laser light is fixed for any particular distance, we can measure the distance through that recorded time.

That is how the distance is measured for any distant object. The target must possess reflective characteristics to give perfect distance measurement. If the target is under a hazy or low light condition or there is excess glare in the surrounding areas, then it will be difficult for the ranger to calculate the distance smoothly and perfectly.

Buying Guide of the Best Laser Rangefinders for the Money

best laser rangefindersBuying any particular object requires some preparations and study if you want to get a good deal. When it comes to any sophisticated tools or instruments, it becomes even more important. So, what are the things that need to be checked before buying your laser rangefinder? We’ll discuss elaborately the points that must be checked by every buyer. Let’s jump into those aspects.


The reticle is a very important aspect of any rangefinder whether it is a laser type or others. It helps to lock down the target for you and measure the distance accurately. Normally that is a crosshair and sometimes other shapes for the aiming point. You can see through the aiming point to the targets and get a good view of your shot.


The display is really important for any optical device. Through the rangefinder, you can see the distance of the target and many other important parameters. So, the display plays an important role. Sometimes there is an LCD display where black lines appear and it will be superimposed over the target. But, these can be very difficult to identify in low light or dark conditions.

There are some reticles that are illuminated. In a laser rangefinder, you can control the brightness of the LED light. But, that will also face difficulties in a bright light condition. That is why you need to control it accordingly so that the vision is comfortable for your eyes in every light condition.

To avoid all those troubles and stress, you can choose a rangefinder with a backlight LCD screen where you can see all information in every light condition.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a rangefinder are tremendously important for any owner. As these are used in an outdoor activity where the user may need to move a lot, the ranger must be very lightweight and compact for them. You can’t overburden yourself with extra weight. Also, size is important for you to handle it with effectiveness and care.

Easy to Operate

At the time of hunting, it becomes very important to focus on the target really quickly and measure the distance perfectly. That is why the device must be very smooth to operate. An easy to handle device gets the work done for the owner. As a result, you will get a good shooting, golfing, or hunting experience with a bow & rangefinder.


There are two primary modes for a laser rangefinder. The first one is the first priority mode where you will be able to get the distance measurement of the objects that appear first in the line of sight of the ranger. It will neglect the far distant objects and focus on the first object. This is really helpful for a golfer as they need to lock down on the flag of the court. The flag can be seen in an open field where there will be other objects behind it.

The other mode is the second priority mode where you will get the measured distance of the far placed objects neglecting the other objects located in front of that. This mode is vital for a hunter or shooter to get the measurement of the squirrel, deer, or coyotes that are in the bushes or under the cover of tall grasses.

Although, some laser rangefinders have the ability to switch between these two modes whenever necessary. That is really cool for the user as it turns the rangefinder into a versatile tool.

Types of Laser rangefinders

There are various events where you can use a laser ranger. You can use a ranger while hunting with a bow like this top-notch rangefinder Vortex 1800 if you like. There is also an opportunity for archery shooting with a budget rangefinder. For golfing, a long-range rangefinder comes very effectively for you too. People get various benefits through these wonderful tools.

Maximum Distance

Every rangefinder will tell you a certain distance that it can measure. That is the maximum distance for the ranger. But there must be an ideal environmental situation for the rangefinder to calculate that maximum distance stated. If there is a heatwave during the measurement or a snow glare around you or other types of hazy conditions, you won’t be able to get the best result.

Most of the time, you will get the distance accurately for one-third or one-half of the stated maximum distance in a regular windy and low light condition.


Although magnification isn’t the priority for a rangefinder, it will assist you to get the small games like squirrel and birds measured and located quickly and perfectly. For a ranger, magnification doesn’t extend beyond the range of the tool. You don’t need to buy a big magnification for your laser rangefinder.

Other Important Modes

Apart from the two main modes of the ranger, there are also some other modes that can be very effective and useful. There is a horizontal mode and scan mode.

A horizontal mode is really good to measure the distance when you are on a hill or have climbed a tree for locating the distant prey. It will calculate the actual distance by automatic calculation through the horizontal mode. You don’t need to calculate on your own. Thus, it lessens the pressure for you and makes hunting, shooting, or golfing enjoyable.

The scan mode is another nice feature for the user. Through this mode, you can see the objects scanned continuously as you move the rangefinder slowly. You need to hold the scan button down and watch the objects through the display where continuous measurement is displayed for you as the ranger is moved.

Ballistic Table

Some are equipped with an integral ballistic table for the user to calculate the holdover and the bullet drop for any given muzzle velocity. This is really great to have, but not a necessity. If you like, you can go for that too.


Accuracy is really important as you will use that measurement for taking a shot or make a swing with your golf club. A laser rangefinder is such a device that plays a significant role for an outdoor lover. If your ranger doesn’t give you an accurate reading, you will feel nervous when you shoot. That is why accuracy is tremendously important.

Locking Mechanism

There are various locking mechanisms present in modern-day laser ranger. You will find an audible or visual or even a tactical pin acquisition method in your ranger to inform you about the lockdown of the target. Nice feature, isn’t it?


Being an outdoor tool, a laser rangefinder is used in various weather conditions where it may get damaged by rough treatment. The ranger will get a scratch and several drops from the hand may also be there. It will come in contact with water, fog, and dust. That is why it should be made to resist all of that. A strong built-up is necessary for the ranger to last for a long time.

Power Source

The power source is important for a ranger as it will be used in the wilderness for a long time. Most of them are operated through a battery and they can support you for a long time. But, carrying some extra power source will be recommended and wise for an unobstructed journey for you. There are also some rechargeable USB sources for you nowadays. A regular CR2 battery is quite good for you. Don’t forget to have some extra pairs when you pack your bug-out bag.


If you buy a good quality rangefinder, you will get a bunch of accessories with it. Any good quality brand will pack the ranger with a lanyard or strap, carrying case, and batteries. These are quite essential for the smooth handling of the rangefinder. Sometimes there is a small cloth to clean the glass of your laser rangefinder.


Warranty is really vital for a technical product like laser rangefinder. You will find a good warranty period and customer support from any reputed company. If you are new in the field of optics, then follow the majority of the buyer and pick one from the best seller rangefinder under $200 & budget rangefinder under $100. Try to read as much information as possible from the reviews and get to know their customer support and help center. You will get all the information you need if you dig enough.


When it comes to selecting any important outdoor device, you must research well before buying one. For the best laser rangefinders in golf and hunting, it is also very essential to have a clear understanding of the pros and cons that come with any device. If you read the guidelines thoroughly and be cautious during the purchase, you will get the right products for you. Happy ranging!

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