Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night with Best Predator Hunting Lights Reviewed!

Last Updated on June 13, 2022

Coyote hunting at night is one of the best thrilling activities. But it becomes challenging without adequate hunting tools and equipment. Like most predator animals, coyotes are nocturnal and they go out hunting at night. They can look very keenly in the dark whereas the human eye is not as adept at viewing in the dark. So, to acquire the target you need the best light for coyote hunting at night since natural light such as moonlight is not enough for hunting coyotes.

Out there, you will find lots of lights but all of them are not appropriate for hunting coyotes and other predators. To hunt coyotes at night, you must need lights that will spot the coyotes but keep the hunter spotless. In this article, we will explore such special lights for coyote hunting!

Best Lights Comparison for Coyote or Predator Hunting

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Best Coyote Hunting Light at Night with Best Predator Hunting Light Reviews

01. Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium 273 Yards


Orion predator h30 night hunting light flashlight is one of the best long-range hunting lights that make night hunting very effective and enjoyable. It emits a focused 273 yards’ beam featuring the latest Cree XP-E2 RED LED light. This is made of AR-grade aluminum with matte anodized resistance to make strong impacts and scratches. You can easily mount it with scope, rail, and barrel.

Orion lights provide you two best color lights for coyote hunting at night, red and green. So, you can use this light for hunting games like predators, hogs, coyotes, fox or varmints because they are not sensitive to red or green light so you can spot and aim games without alerting them. But definitely, you should choose this best red light for coyote hunting.

This flashlight will allow you 4 different brightness settings with run times i.e. 300lm 4h, 190lm  5h, 50lm 17h, and 6lm 120h. It comes with a remote pressure switch, silicone O-rings, rechargeable battery, and charger. The kit will provide you 10 years of warranty service. It is very lightweight so easily portable.


  • Lightweight
  • 273 yards green and red focused beam
  • Heat, cold and water-resistant
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Scope, rail, and barrel mount
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Best scope light for coyote hunting at night
  • Highest brightness of 300 lumens
  • Great warranty period


  • Shorter range than the stated range


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02. Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens 676 Yards


Nitecore P30 is an incredibly versatile, compact hunting light that can be used for search and rescue operations as well as camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It produces a stunning 1000 lumens bright light powered by CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, as well as an extreme throw of 676 yards, making a super quality flashlight for multi-purpose use. There are two color filters- red and green.

There are dual-switch that will offer you precise control of the operation. The tail cap turns the light on and off while the side switch controls the brightness level and special modes. Actually, there are five brightness outputs and runtimes. For example, a 70 lumens setting will provide you impressive runtime of up to 17 hours whereas you will enjoy 680 hours’ runtime by set brightness to 1 lumen.

The device automatically memorizes the previously used setting. There are three special modes- strobe, SOS, and location beacon for emergencies, signaling, and locating. The package includes a flashlight, holster, red and green filters, pressure switch, rifle mounting kit, rechargeable battery, i2 smart charger, lanyard, a clip for convenient carrying, and many more.


  • Easy to handle
  • Versatile use
  • 1000 lumens bright light
  • Five brightness outputs
  • 680 hours runtime at the lowest brightness
  • Maximum 676 yards beam distance
  • Automatically memorizes the previously used setting
  • Two-color filters
  • Complete kit
  • Great battery life


  • No zoom option
  • Pricy
  • Light may diminish some intensity because of no built-in light options

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03. Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight


Odepro KL52Plus is an innovative flashlight with interchangeable 4 color LED modules. This is one of your must-have hunting kits in your night hunting. The set includes red light, white light, green light, and IR850nm light that can be used for searching different targets in various hunting situations. These are easy to load and unload. By installing the red light, you will get 100 lumens lighting with a 375-yard beam distance.

There are two types of flashlight mount- K185 aluminum mount can be installed in shotguns with Picatinny rail freely and the POM high strength quick-release mount can fit multiple scope sizes. The hunting flashlight is waterproof and shock-resistant, made of aircraft-grade aluminum ensures to be used in rough conditions. The matte black finish and AR coating toughed glass lens​ provide anti-reflective performance.

This kit will provide you adjustable focus. You will get a floodlight for a wide view of target searching just zooming in on the device. When you zoom out, the spotlight will be activated that can reach out as far as 1350ft in high mode. The package comes with 3000mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries, a durable tool-box, charger, tail cap switch, remote switch, and other necessary equipment.


  • Adjustable focus
  • 4 color LED modules
  • Mountable to any gun size
  • Waterproof, shockproof
  • Nice lens, and nice beam
  • Best scope mounted light for coyote hunting
  • Automatic protection against overcharge
  • Special design for night hunting
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 375-yard beam distance for the red light
  • Relatively cheap


  • Not very bright light

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04. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit


Predator Tactics is a well-known manufacturer and comes with all coyote hunting kits. There are basically two color beams red and green. We’re reviewing the red for coyote hunting. This predator flashlight will allow you to identify targets from 300 to 400 yards on clear nights. It can deliver up to 400 lumens, which is good at delivering high power.

The coyote reaper is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy and matte black finish. There are an adjustable focus and a built-in halo shield. This package includes a battery extension tube, an adjustable rail mount, a scope rail mount, an on/off remote switch tail cap, and rechargeable batteries.

The additional wall and a vehicle charger set allow you to charge these batteries at home or outdoors. It will also allow you to floodlight for a wider range of visibility. The package provides you a plastic case to carry all parts.


  • Larger visibility
  • 400 lumens beam
  • Matte black finish
  • Good battery life
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Adjustable focus
  • Water, heat, and cold resistant
  • Shockproof design
  • Built-in halo shield


  • Will not adapt to manufacturer range
  • Smaller halo shield

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05. Wicked Lights ScanPro iC Night Hunting Headlamp


The Wicked Lights ScanPro iC is a night hunting headlamp specially built for coyote, predator, and hog hunting purposes. You can adjust the light beam diameter from flood to zoom and control the light intensity by using a zoom focus bezel. The bezel is precisely machined from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.

There is an interchangeable intensity control red LED. The built-in rubberized halo shield is used to Improve grip and eliminate unwanted backlighting. You can easily adjust the elevation angle of the headlamp and lock it back in place by controlling the tilt lock knob. It features full intensity control that will allow you to turn the light on low and gradually increase the brightness.

The Wicked hunting lights kit includes Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, rubberized halo shield, 2-position charger with A/C and DC charge adapter, red high power intensity control LED, etc.

You can turn on your headlamp directly to any power setting depending on your preference and spot your targets’ eyes from nearby 500 yards.


  • Interchangeable intensity control LED’s
  • Rubberized halo shield
  • Zoom focus bezel
  • Full intensity control
  • Adjustable headbands
  • Adjust the elevation angle by tilt lock knob
  • 500 yards’ identifiable eye reflection range
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Little power halo shield compared to competitors

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06. WindFire Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light Set

WindFire-Green-LED-Coyote-Hog-Hunting-Light-SetMost of the hunting lights are expensive. Whereas, WindFire green LED light is one of the cheapest lights for predator hunting purposes. This hunting light features a Cree green LED 350 lumens output light which will help you to find the game without disturbing them. The effective range of the light is up to 250-300 yards. There is no lens or filters, it produces green light which allows you to see more clearly and farther.

The body is made of 6061T Aluminum. This is a shock-resistant and waterproof device. The light contains a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion single battery. There you will find dual switches on the tail-cap and pressure pad. You can easily mount this on hand pistols, rifles, and shotguns with proper mounting equipment. The light will provide you long-lasting battery. You can also keep a hunting quality 1911 sight with you.


  • 250-300 yards lighting distance
  • Brightness is 300 lumens
  • Best budget predator hunting light
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Bright light
  • Easily mountable
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Limited mounting options
  • Features green light only
  • Defective mounting bracket

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07. ORION M30C 377 Yards 700 Lumen Red or Green Long Range LED Hog Predator Varmint Hunting Light

ORION-M30C-377-Yards-700-Lumen-Red-or-Green-Long-Range-LED-Hog-Predator-Varmint-Hunting-LightOrion M30C Is a long-range red and green LED flashlight for predator, varmint hunting purposes. This is one of the latest models with great brightness of 700 lumens and an effective beam range of 377 yards. You will enjoy three different brightness settings which will allow you easy scouting, spotting, or aiming the game. The light memorizes the previously used setting even after you turn it off.

This light is made from durable material and it is waterproof. You can easily mount it on scope, rail, and barrel and accurately control the light with its various mounting kits. There are push-button and remote pressure switches. You can control dually the remote pressure switch by push button and pressure pad. The light is durable and waterproof. At a 75 lumens setting, you will enjoy 22 hours’ battery life.

Three premium Cree XP-E2 color LEDs are equipped there, letting you brighter light. You will get two sets of high-performing 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries in the package with a smart charger. The smart charger will allow you to detect battery status and stop charging when charging is done. There is also a power adapter that you will get with the package.


  • Brightness 700 lumens
  • Beam distance 377 yards
  • Can be mounted on scope, rail, and barrel
  • 3 brightness options
  • Best varmint hunting light
  • Memorizes the previous setting
  • Top-quality battery life
  • Durable and Waterproof
  • Smart charger
  • Dual control pressure switch


  • High price
  • Won’t work well for barrel mount

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Buying Guide of Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

Choosing a perfect coyote hunting light isn’t an easy task. But by knowing some important features, you can easily choose your desired ones. You can also use this guideline for choosing the best predator hunting light or for a varmint hunting light too. For our writing easiness, we will mention coyotes mostly.

So, let’s talk about these features.

Types of Coyote Hunting Lights

Usually, three types of lights are mostly used for hunting purposes. These are handheld light, gun mounted, and headlamp. Their field of use depends on hunting situations and personal preferences. Like in low light squirrel hunting with good scopes or target shooting with your favorite scope, you can accompany any one of the hunting lights. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages.


Handheld-Light-for-Coyote-Hunting-at-NightHandheld lights are the most flexible types. You can easily see your surroundings by using this light. But you can’t hunt animals at the same time you hold this light. You can use it in searing animals. A good night vision monocular can also be very handy in this handheld situation.

Gun Mounted

Weapon-Mounted-Light-for-Coyote-Hunting-at-NightGun mounted lights are the most popular types for hunting because you can directly attach them to the weapon. You can easily mount it with superb scopes for coyotes, barrels, or rail. So, simultaneously you can scan and kill animals while using these lights even longer distances. But, it will make your gun heavy and also limit your area to see. You can’t see the other directions rather than the targeted area.


Head-Mount-Light-for-Coyote-Hunting-at-NightHeadlamps or head torches are one more type of light for hunting. These are attached to the head. On the basis of your head movement, you can see different directions. It is quite troublesome to synchronize your targeted area, especially for long distances. We recommend you use a gun-mounted light. It will make your hunting easy. Also, you can carry a lightweight hand torch and a sight for using with your 1911 model to see what is happening around you, or may use a headlamp according to your preference.

Best Light Type for Coyote Hunting at Night

You may be wondering, what color light is best for coyote hunting. To discover the truth, you have to understand different available light colors for coyote hunting.

Infrared Light

Either humans or wild animals can’t detect infrared light. So, you can shoot coyotes down without frightening them. That’s why it’s is a great option for pro hunters to get a stealth advantage. And infrared will add some bonuses when using this with night vision scopes. Infrared is one of the best lights for night coyote hunting.

Red Light

Red is a popular color for coyote hunting at night. This color is more subtle than other visible lights that are less susceptible to wild games. Besides this light won’t create any fatigue in human eyes. The problem is that red color can’t perceive easily so it is recommended for a shorter range, not for long-range coyote hunting.

Green Light

Human eyes are very much sensitive to green light, so this color is widely used for night coyote hunting. Using this light color, you can see targets bright for long-distance. But, green color light is not good for short-range as wild animals can easily detect hunters at small distances or this may make coyotes alert.

White Light

White-colored light isn’t frequently used for coyote hunting unless you confuse or blind animals at night. This light is very bright that may be helpful for you when you are searching coyotes in a large area. But using this, there is a high chance to miss the target.

Red or Green Light for Coyote Hunting?

Best Light Type for Coyote Hunting at Night

Source: wickedlightsco

Most hunters use red and green color lights for having a result like top-notch night vision with scope. It is a common dilemma, for coyote hunters, especially for beginners when the times come to choose a light color. In the case of coyote hunting, most experts prefer red color over green for several reasons.

Red light is more natural, so casts less of a reflection keeping you well-hidden and allowing you to make a good, clean kill. Another reason is that coyotes can hardly see the red light making them blind for a while as a result of making perfect shots.

We all know that the red color wavelength is higher than the green light. So, the red light intensity is higher than the green light. As a result, red light passes more distance even through moisture than green color. Moreover, eye fatigue will be less while you use red light. While choosing perfect coyote hunting lights, don’t forget about coyote hunting tips.

Sturdy Construction

A quality light comes with durable construction. Most branded lights are made of top-notch aluminum alloy, which ensures a strong body and shock-resistance. Another important feature is the high-performance glass with matte and black finish anti-reflective coatings. This will cost a good amount of money for sure but in the long run, you will win.

Mounting Versatility and Easiness

Ease-of-Mounting-for-Coyote-Hunting-at-NightWhen you are carrying a weapon-mounted light, then you’ll want easy mounting and dismounting of the device. Many branded models provide mounting brackets and attachments to make the process simple. Some model brackets are quite tricky, so you need to read and understand the manual first.

Several best value predator hunting lights come with standard and side mounting options that allow you to mount the light with the gun, or ATV, car, truck, or high rack. You can also purchase a bottom mount to mount the light with a tripod or tight spaces.

Size and Weight

It is important to choose a compact size and light-weight hunting light. Otherwise, it will create an extra hassle for you. But, when you are looking for a powerful light it might be a little bit heavy.

Halo Shield

Most hunting lights will provide a rubberized halo shield. It will help to eliminate unwanted downward light spillage and focus light where you need it.

Zoom Options or Adjustable Focus

Some quality manufacturers provide lights with adjustable focus. Zooming in the device by controlling the knob, you will get a floodlight for a wide view of target searching. When you need to activate the spotlight just zoom it out.

Brightness Level

Brighter lights give better visibility. Different lights provide different brightness settings like these awesome lights for coon hunting. Some of them will also offer you versatile brightness levels. The higher the brightness, the lower the battery will last. We advise you to choose a multiple brightness options device and use the brightness of more than 300 lumens for coyote hunting.

LED Light and Distance

Generally, coyote hunting needs more distance covering light. Choose interchangeable LED lights that will illuminate more than 200 yards. Some lights will brighten more than 750 yards. This type is good for a nice long-range type scope.

Battery Life and Rechargeability

Battery-Life-and-Recharging-System-for-Coyote-Hunting-at-NightThe battery is an important feature to consider. Usually, the long-lasting battery is favored by the user, especially during coyote hunting. Nowadays, most batteries are rechargeable. The average recommended battery life is at least 3 hours at its highest brightness. Some of the batteries last for 5 hours or more. It’s advisable to carry some 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries along ​with you as a backup.

Weather Resistant

A quality light comes with a waterproof feature. The rubberized O-ring seal and gasket seal ensures water protection. Some devices are heat and cold resistant also.

Budget and Warranty

During coyote hunting, you need high-quality light. So, try to balance between the quality and affordability of your light. You need to check the product’s warranty and after-sales service also.

Important Considerations for Choosing the Best Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

Tips for Hunting Coyotes Using a Light

Some very important hunting tips for a predator like a coyote hunting tips using light are:

Try to Make Use of Some Callers

If you want to experience a perfect coyote hunting with a light at night, then try to incorporate the use of callers with your predator hunting lights. This is a lethal combination to be successful in predator hunting with lights.

Get Familiar with the Terrain of Predators like Coyotes

Visit your coyote hunting grounds earlier in the day to get familiarize yourself with the surroundings. This will be very crucial for a predator hunter like you to have a clear map of the area. Besides, you will be able to select your hunting position better in the day.

You can search the place for the trails of any probable predators like coyotes and mark those areas for hunting later at night with lights.

While choosing a good location for predator hunting, also consider the wind flow. Coyotes’ noses become active even in the dark and they approach hunters calls from downwind. The open and elevated area will help you spot the game using a hunting light.

Keep the Light Above the Head of Coyotes

You will be able to use the red coyote hunting light from a good 500 yards’ distance. Just keep in mind to hold the light slightly above the face of the coyotes or other predators.

If you are using a caller along with the hunting light, then try to keep the light steady as much as possible. Otherwise, there will be a confusing shadow of the predators.

Talk with People for Predator Information

You should talk with the people living nearby the hunting grounds for updated information regarding coyotes and other predatory animals of that place.

Besides, plan accordingly with the people you are hunting with so that everyone knows their hunting position perfectly and nobody comes across another person’s shooting path.

Moon Phase is Important

Most night hunters love night hunting around the new moon. Predators see well at night, so you should hunt them at moonlit night. The hunting light will provoke them to adjust with the brightness that provides camouflage as well. This blinds the coyotes for a while and you can easily shoot them down. For the same reason, cops use the flashlight in their night operation.

Is light Important When You Are Hunting Predators like Coyotes?

Whenever you are going to hunt any predators, you need to see them perfectly. In the daytime, it’s not a problem. But, at night, it’s a big issue to watch them clearly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hunt them down even if they come into your way.


Lights are thus a very important factor for night coyote hunting and perfect color light is more important for successful coyote hunting. If the choice of light isn’t good, then you won’t be able to track them down. They will be alerted and would run away from your way.

So, choose the perfect hunting lights for predators like coyotes.

Why Should You Need a New Coyote Hunting Light?

Hunting coyote is already a tough task for many of us. But, that’s even more difficult if you don’t have a proper hunting light. The right kind of coyote hunting light will give you tremendous leverage and opportunity to track them easily and make a perfect shot. It will offer you good brightness for locating the predators and separate them from other objects.

The red or green filter will also help you not to scare the prey away before you take a shot. Thus you can sneak into their territory and position yourself nicely.

New kinds of night coyote hunting lights are very well featured with variable color settings and helpful options. You can adjust the brightness settings and make yourself comfortable with your desired level of brightness.

Predator Spotting with Hunting Lights

When you are spotting predators with your hunting lights, it becomes really enjoyable and fun. The history of mankind is founded on hunting and in recent times, it has become more easy and enjoyable because of the availability of hunting lights.

If you can spot the predators, half of the job is done for you. just choose them wisely so that the right and best kinds of lights are chosen for the predators to hunt at night.

Do Red Light Scare Predators like Coyotes?

No, the coyote doesn’t get spooked by the red light at night when you are hunting. It’s because the spectrum of the red color is not an issue for the coyotes and they don’t get scared by them. That is the basic reason for choosing red light as the primary light for hunting coyotes at night.

Watch this video discussing the type of predator hunting light color:

Best Lumens of Light for Coyote Hunting at Night

Generally, you will need your hunting light to shine for a few hundred yards when you are hunting at night. That’s why check the predator hunting lights reviews very carefully to know the range of lumens. If the lumen amount isn’t the optimum one, then you won’t be able to see them clearly.

Most of the experts have shared their experience to have a minimum of 250 lumens light. These are the best predator hunting light at night.

Benefits of Hunting Predators like Coyotes at Night with Lights

The main benefits of hunting a coyote with light at night are:

  • The human eye can’t track them down at night, but a hunting light can
  • You can see what is around you
  • You can make your shot clean and accurate
  • You can choose between predators with hunting light variations
  • Ensures your own safety

Frequently Asked Questions on Coyote hunting with Lights

  1. What color light is best for coyote hunting at night?
    Answer: The red color will be the best option for short-distance. Since the eyes of coyotes reflect this light, you can easily spot your prey. Besides, human eyes easily adapt to the red light therefore, less eye fatigue occurs. But green lights will provide more accurate viewing for extended distances.
  2. How to choose the perfect coyote hunting light?
    Answer: If you follow our buying guides carefully and never compromise with the quality, you will end up buying the perfect one for you.
  3. What type of hunting light should I choose?
    Answer: You can have three options. They are hand-held, head mount, and gun mount. You should choose according to your preference.
  4. Why light is important for night hunting?
    Answer: The main reason behind using light in night hunting is to see targets in the dark. Another important function is camouflaging. When hunters use light, animals can see the light but not the hunters. In this way, hunters can shoot coyotes down without being spotted themselves.
  5. Spotlight vs floodlight which is good for night coyote hunting?
    Answer: Typically, the spotlight can create a narrow beam of light, not wider than 45 degrees. Alternately, floodlight provides a wide beam of light around 120 degrees. Floodlight is good for searching targets a larger amount of space. On the other hand, spotlights are good to focus on targets. Several best light to use night coyote hunting feature both spotlight and floodlight. But don’t activate the floodlight mode without great essence otherwise coyotes will be scared. Rather than use the spotlight to hunt them in a focused way.
  6. Is there any health hazard of using coyote hunting lights?
    Answer: Truly, most hunting lights have some negative effects on the human body. As these lights are made to scan and kill animals, so they might be harmful if exposed to human skin. This is why we should scrutinize the light before purchasing it. And be safe while hunting, avoid focusing the light on your body.

Final Verdict

Coyote hunting light is a must when you are going to hunt coyotes at night. You are not limited to our suggested lights only. Whatever option you go for, keep in mind the facts mentioned in the guideline of best light for coyote hunting at night. This way, you will end up choosing a perfect predator hunting light with your money. You can use good bow sights like the single pin sights for hunting too if you are looking for a change. Happy hunting!

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