5 Best Long Range Rangefinder Reviews: Top Rated Long Range Ranger!

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

Being an outdoor lover, I’ve come to know lots of gears and gadgets that people use in an outing endeavor. Among those items, the rangefinder is one of my favorites. It helps to detect the target position and make good use of it. The best long-range rangefinders included in this review list are those ones that can give you optimum hunting, shooting, or golfing experience.

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Although the long-range is a relative term and each has its own definition of it, here we’ve tried to mix them up having a wide range of choices. We’ve selected the most user-friendly ones that can be of great assistance to an outdoor maniac! Let’s dig in then?

Top Choices

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5 Best Long Range Rangefinder Reviews

01. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

Vortex-Optics-Ranger-Laser-RangefindersThis prime Vortex Ranger is the top choice on our list. As you can see, the ranger is capable of up to 1800 yards. It has two other models whose ranges are 1500 and 1300 yards. The rangefinder is really comfortable and easy to use. It has an illuminated display along with a highly intuitive menu.

Its HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode is the primary setup that compensates the angle during distance measurement. This is the ideal setup for most hunters and shooters. There is also a modern LOS (Line of Sight) mode that calculates the long-distance object. Through this mode, you can make a precise shot having a high angle.

The ranger has a scan feature that will give you continuous readings of the objects while you pan across any landscape or track any moving target. There are three brightness settings that will provide assistance in various weather conditions. The lenses are fully multi-coated which offers optimal light transmission.

The body is made of textured rubber armor. That is why the ranger is easy to carry in different weather conditions as it doesn’t slip from your hand. It has a waterproof and fog-proof ability that makes it work properly in any harsh condition. It comes with a neck lanyard and a removable utility clip making that ranger handy and easy to pack.

The ranger is a solid performer. Some people have felt a little issue with focusing, but a little practice would make that easy. The price is also very moderate for a superb ranger like this. Also, check the Vortex 1500 full review here.


  • Clean display
  • Both HCD and LOS mode
  • Three reticle brightness
  • Scan mode gives continuous readings
  • Adjustable utility clip
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • O-ring sealed compartment
  • Best rated long-range rangefinder


  • Need some practice to get along with it

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02. Sig Sauer 4×20 1600 Yards KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder

Sig-Sauer-KILO1200-Laser-RangefinderThis new and awesome Sig Sauer Kilo1200 is a tremendous performer in the field of rangefinder. It is one of the most advanced rangers that is very simple to use and offers the fastest digital signal processing engine. It’s a people’s choice model made for an out-of-the-box, no-hassle experience.

The ranger can offer 1600 yards of reading for a reflective target and 600 yards for a non-reflective target. It has a spectra coat anti-reflection coating that ensures superior light transmission and optical clarity. There is lightwave DSP technology that creates the fastest and longest distance ranger engine.

It has a hyper scan mode that can provide you with four range updates per second. Besides, the range lock will report to you the last range when you are ranging distant targets. The measurement units are in meters and yards. In low light, the high transmittance LCD display can help you in getting superior performance.

It has a lightweight and compact polymer housing which includes a diopter adjustment. The user interface is very simple. It has only the mode and range buttons. The design is very slick that facilitates one-handed operation. There is also a lanyard attachment point.

The model is quite new as of today and the customer reviews are really great so far. You can definitely give a try for this beauty.


  • Advanced DSP technology
  • Fastest signal processing engine
  • Spectra coat anti-reflection coating
  • Optical clarity
  • Best priced long-range rangefinder
  • Super performance in low-light condition
  • Lightweight polymer housing
  • Simple user interface
  • Perfect for one-handed operation
  • Diopter adjustment


  • Too good to resist buying

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03. Nikon Laser Rangefinder 8397 ACULON AL11

Nikon-ACULON-AL11-Laser-RangefinderThis Nikon ACULON AL11 is the ultimate cutting-edge laser rangefinder that the famous brand offers. It comes with an extremely compact body with the intention of delivering world-class performance. This palm-sized ACULON is a no match to other rangers because of its speed, optical quality, and precision.

The rangefinder offers ultimate portability with its smaller size. It can compete with most smartphones in terms of size which redefines the term portability. You can wear it around your neck or keep it in your pocket. The extreme lightweight can make you feel like nothing is there!

The ranger can measure distance up to 550 yards. It is capable of locating the furthest target among a bulk of targets because of its distant target priority mode. That will help you when you are having a block view of your desired object.

The operation of the rangefinder requires intuition and a simple push of a button to get the instant reading. If you hold down the button, the ranger will give you a continuous measurement for around 20 seconds as you pan across the area. The uncluttered and obstruction-free display will allow you to concentrate on your target.

The multi-layer coated optics offer high light transmission and minimizes light loss because of reflection. So, you get a clear and natural view. Speedy measurement reading is a bonus for this awesome instrument. The only issue so far with this ranger is the difficulty to lock the target on. All in all, with this low price it’s a bargain.


  • Best portable rangefinder
  • Small and lightweight for carrying
  • Compact design
  • Take everywhere type
  • Multi-layer coatings for best light transmission
  • Minimization of light loss
  • Relative long eye-relief
  • Best quality long-range rangefinder
  • Faster and easier measurement
  • Distant target priority mode


  • A little difficult to lock the target on

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04. Bozily Golf Rangefinder, 900 Yards 6x Laser Range Finder

Bozily-Golf-RangefinderThis extraordinary Bozily Golf Rangefinder is a true assistant for golf lovers. It has the latest technology which offers true measurement accuracy within ±1 yards. The rangefinder is capable of slope adjustment function while locating the position of flags, trees, and other objects.

It has a high definition camera with high-speed scanning power which includes 4 scanning modes. The space distance and angle measurements are done through general mode. Then the golf mode will assist the golfer to calculate the distance between him/her and the flag through slope adjustment.

The third one is the vertical and horizontal distance measurement. Last but not least is the speed mode which offers speed up to 20-300km/h. It has advanced speed-measuring technology providing you with the opportunity of bird watching, hunting, shooting, racing, climbing, or engineering measurement.

The portable and ergonomic size of the rangefinder is super comfortable to use while roaming around the fields. It comes with two CR2 batteries, one lanyard, a cleaning cloth, and a manual. The ranger will give accurate measurements up to 900 yards. Best for golf range finding but suitable for other outdoor necessities.

Many have a complaint about not feeling good about it. With the low price it comes, the feeling shouldn’t be of that much priority. Besides, you shouldn’t expect it to perform excellently in situations other than golf as it is a golf rangefinder.


  • High definition camera
  • Four scan modes
  • Unique speed mode
  • Best golfing rangefinder
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable size
  • Water-resistant
  • Best featured long-range rangefinder
  • Excellent outdoor assistant
  • Fast focus system
  • Easy distance reading
  • Best color proportion ranger


  • Not best for outdoor activities other than golf
  • Not strong enough for taking hits

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05. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec-ProWild-Hunting-RangefinderThis TecTecTec ProWild ranger is the ultimate choice if you want a budget option for medium-level range finding. Many of you are having a difficult time when opting for a low-priced item. Often you get disappointed because of their cheap construction and low performance. But not this one!

The rangefinder’s specialty is hunting. So, any outdoor enthusiast can have this cool ranger with them any day they want. This premium product can measure up to 540 yards with maximum comfort. It offers you a continuous scan mode with advanced speed technology.

The body is heavily built with durability and water-resistant ability. You will get fast measurement through this awesome gear with optimum yard accuracy. It has premium, multi-layer optics that provide an ultra-clear view through the lenses. Fast and continuous measurement is a constant output for this ranger.

The package comes with a CR@ battery, a carrying pouch, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a strap, and a quick start guide. This lightweight and portable rangefinder are super easy to carry with you in the jungle or outdoor fields. This durable body is water and dust-resistant. It can work pretty well in surveying or measuring operations causing zero weight gain.

The ranger may have some difficulty in low-light situations. You can’t have all the benefits though with this cheap price tag! As a whole, it’s a good choice for beginners.


  • Best budget rangefinder
  • Hunting specialty
  • Advanced speed technology
  • Continuous scanability
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Ultra-clear display
  • Comes with case and lanyard
  • Easy portability
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Eye-safe rangefinder


  • Not best in low light
  • Not sturdy enough

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Buying Guide of Best Long Range Rangefinder

Best-Long-Range-RangefinderA rangefinder is a delicate instrument. You need to use it with care to get the best of it. But, it gets more intense when you are dealing with a long-range rangefinder. You must pay attention to a lot of details. Numerous variables come into play for a long ranger. On top of that, the long-range is a relative term. What is long-range to you, may not be the same to others. Here, we’ll be talking about the most basic things that may come into play for selecting a long-range rangefinder.

Types of Rangefinder

There are basically three main types of rangefinders that you may find on the market. Over the years these popular types have been used in different fields successfully. Those are:

Optical Rangefinder

Even though the age of optical rangefinder has long gone, but they are still used successfully in many shooting and hunting operations. That’s because they are really cheap and comparatively easy to use. Besides, they don’t need any power source for them and no software is used there. Simplicity is the main attraction for these range finders.

Yes, they don’t come with the features and attributes of the modern types, but they are very much reliable to a certain extent.

When you are using one of these, you’ll find two images. You need to rotate the knob of the rangefinder to get a clear image by superimposing those two. When that is done, you should read the distance the device gives you.

These measuring techniques aren’t one hundred percent accurate, but close to it. With the simplicity and low price, that’s a real bargain for many hunters and shooters.

Infrared Rangefinder

These are also very popular among shooters and hunters. They are really handy because of their low battery consumption and fair accuracy.

They measure the distance by focusing an infrared light on the object. The light illuminates the object and then gets reflected back on the device. The rangefinder calculates all the data it collects including the point of reflection and measures the distance.

The infrared ones are fairly inexpensive. They can be a good choice for you if you want a moderate option to get a better result with optimum spending.

Laser Rangefinder

A laser rangefinder is the modern people’s choice. There are lots of options and variables that you may find on the market. They are the best in terms of providing you with the most accurate distance measurement.

These types of rangefinders calculate the distance between an observer and an object by measuring the time the laser takes to reflect back from the target. Through this process, the rangefinder will measure how much time the laser took to hit the target and get back. Thus, it will measure the distance. Not only that, it measures several distances every second and calculates the mean value for us. Thus, giving an excellent distance measurement.

Although, the rangefinder needs a clear field of view to get an accurate distance. When there is fog or dizzy weather exists, then the distance measurement can be difficult to calculate. Some errors may happen in that condition. Besides, the laser needs some light to function properly.

However, there are many high-end models that may work properly in all types of light conditions. Obviously, those will cost you more when you ask for modern tech models. But, the extra payment can’t be more justified because of their superb performance in distance measuring.


When you are using a laser rangefinder, you are able to detect the object placed over a mile. So, it’s very logical to have a magnification option in your ranger. The most common magnification capacity that many of the models offer is 4x and 6x. For any high-end model, that can be as high as 10x!

One thing that you need to remember is that you can’t have a rangefinder that offers more magnification capacity than your superb night vision scope. Because there is no use of a scope that has lower magnification ability than a ranger. So, keep that in mind. For greater magnification, you can try a good quality red dot magnifier.

Estimation of Bullet Drop

bullet-drop-estimationThere are some rangefinders that can give you an estimation of the bullet drop that your shot may experience. These are all estimation, not perfect. But, they can give you some advantage when you are in a shooting position.

Although, they don’t give you the most definitive bullet drop. They don’t consider the powder charge, type of bullet, crosswind the bullet encounters, rifles you use. For that, you may need help from other instruments.

Numerous Readings

As the laser rangers can read the distance several times within a second, you get a medium value of those readings that the rangefinder collects. That’s why the value is so accurate. And, that’s why people love to have one of this stuff.

When you have a good reading you should use that in your favor. The shot you take would be more precise and accurate, leaving you with a wonderful experience. Though the laser ones are costlier than other types, it comes really handy for an avid shooter or hunter. You can just check out your surroundings too for fun.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a rangefinder are of tremendous importance. People use it for surveillance or outdoor shooting events. In those situations, you already have loads of stuff and instruments. That’s why any more extra weight can burden you heavily. The size and weight of your ranger should be optimum to ease your load.

When any of us are going outdoors for any hunting or shooting endeavors, there are many items that need to be picked. Besides, we need to be very careful and conscious not to overburden ourselves. The rangefinder is true assistance in those scenarios and its small size and minimal weight are its superiority. So, pick your rangefinder wisely for bowhunting situations when you buy one.

Range Consideration

Every rangefinder offers a different range. The longer the range capacity the better. Of course, you can’t get the best result for a 1000 yards’ ranger measuring around the 1000 yards’ distant object. The reason is that capacity is measured in an ideal situation when the manufacturer is testing that.

But, you will be benefitted from having a long-range rangefinder beside you. Some rangers have many fancy features and benefits but a shorter range. Whereas some have basic features like distance measurement and angle compensation, but long-range capacity. Always choose the long-range capacity as a priority.

When you are out in the wilderness, you are not always after prey that is over a mile distance. But, the reading of those situations always helps. You don’t necessarily need all of those readings. But, it doesn’t harm you either. So, go for a long-range rangefinder.


The aiming point or the crosshair of the rangefinder is the reticle. The reticle plays a significant role in aiming at an object and measure the distance. Some rangers have reticles made of black lines. While others are made of bright colors like yellow, green or red.

When there is low light, the dark-colored reticles aren’t the best. In those situations, you will face difficulty to locate the crosshair as they will merge with the dark environment. So, the bright-colored reticles are perfect for those conditions.

Also, the bright-colored reticles are not the best when you are using your ranger in sunny weather. Because the bright light will mix with the bright color reticles. That way you won’t be seeing the crosshair with ease. So, both of the reticle types come with some shortcomings.

Although, the rangefinder will detect the object with ease and will measure the distance instantly. But, you will be confused with the object as the point will be merged. So, the problem isn’t the accuracy of the measurement. It is the user end detecting issue.

Some of the rangefinders come with reticle backlight. That way you’ll have help to see the reticle in any difficult situation. Just turn on the light when you need them.


Price is always a significant factor when it comes to purchasing. With high cost comes quality. If you have a good budget, go for the high-end one like these top-notch archery rangefinders. They will serve you well in every situation. But, don’t be expensive in nature. Sometimes people buy things they don’t need. Many of the items have so many features and qualities that come with little help to you most of the time.

It is a wise decision to know about your needs before buying a rangefinder. You should always consider the affordable rangefinders carefully like these reasonably priced archery rangefinders. Do you need the ranger for long-distance shooting? Do you need any specific features for your rangefinder? Is your scope good enough? If not, try one like Vortex HD. What kind of environment do you need the ranger for? These are some basic questions that need to be answered first. Basically, you need to be sure of your type of necessity. That way you can opt for the perfect one you need.

There is no point in investing a lot of money for a ranger that doesn’t fulfill your need or have extra features that come in little benefit for you. If you need a long ranger, then go for a long ranger. If medium-range ones are perfect for you then don’t buy other types. Sometimes people have a medium-range magnification capacity scope. If that is the case, then buying long-range rangefinder doesn’t make any sense. So, spend wisely.

Accuracy of Measurement

accuracy-of-measurementAccuracy is an important part of distance measurement. The more the distance the better the accuracy must be.

When you are 100 yards apart, a small inaccuracy isn’t a big deal. But, when you are detecting from around a mile away, then any slightest inaccuracy may be a very big deal.

So, before buying a new model always check the accuracy range that the ranger provides. In this case, reputable brands are the most trustworthy ones. Besides, check the reviews of other customers that are using the products.

Most of the items have very close variances when it comes to accuracy ratings. So, check properly before you buy one.


The basic components of the rangefinder are very fragile in nature. There is a glass lens, laser emitter, electronics, and other items. Those items are protected by the body of the ranger. So, that needs to be very strong in nature to protect it from any damage.

The body strength should be optimum for long durability. Besides, it needs the structure of being sealed against moisture and fog. Not necessarily you will take it into diving in the deep sea. But, the ranger must be resistant against the morning or evening dews to some extent.

The lens must be nitrogen or argon purged for fog proof character. The hunters and shooters take a ranger with them in various weather conditions. They are open to the wild getting contact with the rough environment. They may get tossed, bumped or dropped during the journey. In general, they should have some solid shockproof ability.


A good rangefinder comes with a warranty. The warranty will assure you to have any support for your new product. It is best to have a no questions asked warranty. Most of the famous brands offer you a warranty. Besides that, any support of online customer care is a good thing to have.

Some warranty offers electronics and quality cover for around five years. But, a limited lifetime warranty is really a better offer. So, before purchasing your model always check the warranty policy with care.

Golf Rangefinders Are Different than Hunting or Shooting

It’s a very common mistake for most of the people now a day to have a golfing rangefinder and try them for hunting or shooting. Of course, the golf rangefinder may be of better quality than the hunting ones, and they may have some astounding features and benefits with a lower budget, but there are many important differences between these two.

The first difference is between their field of use. The golf rangefinder is suitable for use in the open field of view where bright daylight is present. People don’t use them in dark and cloudy weather. But, that is not any design flaw. Because the most obvious things that may come into the field of view of a rangefinder are the flag and golf ball.

But, in hunting conditions, the situation is totally different. The weather may turn into chaos. The clouds may appear on the horizon. And, the objects that come into the field of view are of numerous kinds. The hunting rangefinder will detect the object that you focus on. Not the object that comes into sight first.

Basically, there are some objective differences between a golfing and hunting rangefinder. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in both situations. It wouldn’t be wise to do that. But, when you have a golfing ranger and you need a small help in you can take the help of it. You may need to work a little hard in that case, but it will do some work.

For the best result, you should opt for specific types in fields where they are suitable. The measurements will be accurate and the purpose will be served. We’ve selected both types of rangefinders for reviewing as you may need one of them.


When you are going to have an outing experience, you need to have the best performing gears with you. To every hunting and shooting lover quality goggles, quality scopes for long-range, and other optical instruments are really important. The long-range rangefinder is also an important part to be successful in the wilds. I hope this best long range rangefinder reviews will help you pick the right one. Don’t hesitate to have one!

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