Best Rangefinder for Bowhunting: Top 12 Rangefinder Reviews for Bow Hunters!

Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Finding the best rangefinder for bowhunting for avid bow hunters isn’t easy at all. Whenever you want to buy a good quality rangefinder for hunting with a bow, you should prepare yourself very well. You must know what type of product you want and which are the features that should be present in your rangefinder. That is where this article will help you with the best products and the most detailed guideline ever.

We have presented you with top-quality bowhunting rangefinders reviews that will assist you with every situation like a quality night viewing scope. Read our complete guidelines thoroughly and then make a choice of your own. Let’s find out then which are the top choices.

Top Choices

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Reviews of Best Rangefinder for Bowhunting and Cheap Archery Rangefinders with Angle Compensation!

01. TecTecTec ProWild -Best Rangefinder for Bowhunting

TecTecTec-ProWild-Hunting-RangefinderIf you are tired of cheap archery rangefinders and want a premium level product for your bowhunting operation, then this TecTecTec ProWild is the go-to solution for that. This ranger can measure up to 540 yards which are more than enough for a bowhunter. You will find a continuous scan mode here in it. The advanced speed technology will provide you with the best performance that you are missing.

It has a durable and water-resistant body that can absorb rough treatment during the hunting period. The superior technology will enable you with a maximum accuracy of +/- 1yard accuracy. There are premium and ultra-clear optics that are coated with multilayer coating. You can have a better digital display of the accurate distance and a battery meter on its super display system. The rangefinder will continuously measure the accurate distance to give you a fast and convenient output.

The item comes with a complete package of various items. There are items for setting the ranger quickly. A carrying pouch is there that will enable you with easy transportation. The free CR2 battery is a good accessory for you. Besides, the strap and microfiber cloth for cleaning is also very useful to take care of the product. A quick start guide will help you with the instant operation of the ranger.

It is a very lightweight and compact ranger that can be ported from one place to another very easily and comfortably. This is a durable product that can resist water and dust. You can use it for multiple occasions like hunting or for measuring and surveying purposes. It is a gem in the modern rangefinder category.


  • 5 ounces weight
  • 540 yards range
  • 6x magnification
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • Class 1 laser
  • Scan, speed, and hunt mode


  • Continuous scan
  • High-speed measuring
  • Durable body
  • Water and dustproof
  • Ultra-clear optics
  • Continuous measurement
  • Easy display
  • Lots of accessories
  • Very lightweight
  • Accurate range measurement


  • Different measure unit for distance and speed


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02. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Best Archery Rangefinders for Hunting

Vortex-Optics-Ranger-Laser-RangefindersThe Vortex Ranger 1800 is a long-distance rangefinder that will allow you to range up to 1800 yards for reflective targets. You can measure distance in two different modes i.e. HCD mode and LOS mode. There you will get three reticle brightness options. It features a clean, illuminated display, and a highly intuitive menu. This archery rangefinder 1800 is a great option for use in numerous situations such as target shooting, bow-hunting, etc.

There is one button to change one mode to another named the menu button. Another button is the measure button to scan distance continuously. By pressing the menu button, you will enjoy HCD and LOS mode. HCD or Horizontal Component Mode is the primary measurement with angle compensated distance. This mode is ideal for shooters and hunters. Another mode named LOS (Line of Sight) provides you precisely a long distance with a high angle shot.

The multi-coat lenses provide the highest light transmission. This durable rangefinder is waterproof and fog-resistant which will perform well in different environmental conditions. The ranger will allow a great field of view.

The product comes with a neck lanyard and the utility clip makes it handy. There you will enjoy a secure, non-slip grip by textured rubber armor. This rangefinder will allow us to use it on a tripod or car window mount. Like other Vortex rangefinding optics, this product comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Key Specifications:

  • 7.7 ounces weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 22 mm objective lens
  • 17 mm eye relief
  • 315 feet/1000 yards linear field of view
  • 6 degrees angular field of view
  • 10 to 1800 yards for reflective targets
  • +/- 3 yards @1000 yards accuracy
  • +/- 60-degrees maximum angle reading
  • Class 1 laser


  • Long-distance ranging
  • Great magnification
  • HCD and LOS measurement
  • Three brightness settings
  • Bright display
  • Long eye relief
  • Weather-resistant
  • Non-slip grip
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Easy to use
  • VIP warranty
  • Tripod adaptable


  • Pricey

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03. Wosports Hunting Range Finder, 650 Yards (Best Cheap Rangefinder for Bowhunting)

Wosports Hunting Range Finder, 650 Yards Archery Laser Rangefinder for Bow Hunting with Flagpole Lock - Ranging - Speed and ScanThis Wosports Hunting rangefinder is the ultimate budget option for any bowhunting lover. It is a multifunction hunting laser rangefinder that uses laser technology and has a normal scanning mode for the user. It can measure with speed and assist you in finding the distance range very quickly. The flag lock system of this wonderful device makes it a great item in the golfing world. You can have this system while using it in golf mode.

The ranger can measure the exact horizontal distance that varies from 5 yards to 650 yards. Through the M2 mode, this solid rangefinder will be able to have the flag lock up to 150 yards. To use the scan mode very effectively you need to hold the power button down. Thus you will be able to have the continuous scan mode started. How would you know that? The display of the ranger will tell you that.

The ranger is very durable and can take a lot of rough treatment. It has a good ergonomic design that will help you to operate it with maximum ease and comfort. You can hold the ranger with your hand very easily and will not slip away during any wet situations. The camo look of the body helps to remain unnoticed by the animals and birds of your surroundings.

It is a budget option for you and because of that, you won’t be having so many features and functions. It won’t be so effective during the rainy time or when fog is falling down. Those will create the error for measuring the horizontal distance by affecting the laser ray path. But, with this low price, you can’t complain about that.


  • 6 ounces weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 25 mm objective lens
  • 5 to 700 yards range
  • 7 degrees field of view
  • 5 to 1 second measuring time
  • 905 nm laser


  • Multi-functional laser rangefinder
  • Speedy measurement
  • Normal scan mode
  • Golf flag lock system
  • Continuous measurement and scanning
  • Best cheap archery rangefinder for bowhunting
  • Durable structure
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Good magnification


  • Not water resistant
  • Not for high-end use

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04. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Bowhunting Rangefinder

Bushnell-202208-Bone-Collector-Edition-4x-Laser-Rangefinder,-Realtree-Xtra-Camo,-20mmOur next choice is the Bushnell Bone Collector ranger which provides you with stunning HD level clarity through its quality optics. This angle compensated rangefinder was tested extensively after the manufacturing period and was built with the best quality materials available. The design is really beautiful when you look at this tool. It was built to last a very long time through the durable structure. It can take a significant amount of rough treatment during the bowhunting period.

The ranger has a compact and lightweight structure that is controlled by a single button operation. It can measure a compensated distance of 10 to 600 yards for the user very efficiently with a +/-1yards accuracy level. This is really impressive for a moderate-priced product. The display is really simple and easy to watch.

You will get a bright and crystal clear optics system that can help you watch in a low-light condition. This is really helpful for a long-time hunting operation. The magnification of the product is 4x which is the optimum for bowhunting situations. The objective lens diameter is 21mm, and that is also good as you won’t be needing to see very far for bowhunting.

You will get a real tree pattern on this ranger body which helps to get a camouflage in the wilds. The rugged body of the ranger is built strongly and can protect it from rain. It has a class 1 laser technology associated with it. Many professional hunters use this wonderful tool. There is a battery life indicator shown on the display. Overall, this is a way better rangefinder for serious bowhunters.


  • 2 ounces weight
  • 4x magnification
  • 21 mm objective lens
  • 10 to 600 yards range
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • Class 1 laser
  • Plastic housing


  • Quality optics
  • Passed extensive testing
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Works well in low light
  • Bright and clear image
  • Optimum magnification
  • Real tree camo pattern
  • Rainproof structure
  • Quality laser
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Sometimes accuracy fluctuates
  • No internal light

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05. Gogogo Sports Golf & Archery Rangefinder, 6X Magnification 650/900 Yards

Gogogo-Sport-Laser-Golf-Hunting-RangefinderThis Gogogo Sport Ranger is another astounding addition in the field of the rangefinder. It comes with three separate operating modes. The first one is the normal scan mode where it can measure multiple target distances within the range of 5-650 yards. The second one is the golf mode where the flag lock distance is 300 yards and the pin seek 150 yards. There is jolt technology involved in the measuring process. It can calculate the slope distance too for you.

Speed mode is the final one for the ranger. Here, it can range any moving targets up to 20-300 km/h. This is the perfect target mode for hunting-lover people. You can successfully use this tool for golf too. The jolt technology will remind you by a vibration that the target is pinned down. The slope distance correction function is really awesome for serious hunters.

The ranger is very easy to use and gives you very fast and accurate measurements instantly. It has a one-button meter system and a comfortable yard switching option too. The ranger is very lightweight and compact. You will be able to operate with one hand very smoothly. Also, you can take this with you wherever you go because of the easy portability.

The strap that comes with it makes it easy to carry the ranger conveniently. Also, there is a waterproof pouch where you can store the product after using it. An operational manual and a cleaning cloth also come with the package. This is a brand product that offers maximum customer support after the sale. You can certainly go for this super rangefinder as it will take care of your needs.


  • 5 ounces weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 5-650 yards accuracy
  • 20-300 km/h speed
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Scan, golf, and JOLT mode


  • Three different modes
  • Slope distance correction
  • Excellent mode switching
  • Very good magnification
  • Fast and accurate measurement
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a strap and waterproof pouch
  • Excellent after-sale service


  • Medium objective lens

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06. Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder for Bowhunting

Nikon-16224-Arrow-ID-3000-Bowhunting-Laser-RangefinderThis Nikon 16224 Arrow Bowhunting rangefinder is the high-end option for you if you are a serious hunter who wants the best quality product for an awesome hunting adventure. It is designed for bowhunting lovers and shooters across the globe that can calculate the distance and slope with ultimate ease. The ranger has a durable and ergonomic design with a waterproof structure. The eye relief is very refreshing for the user which makes the viewing of the target easy and fast.

It is a very compact model with an excellent body structure. You can control the ranger through a single button which will measure the distance continuously for 8 seconds. So, you can scan the surroundings and pick up the distances instantly with this cool product. Whatever condition may it be; you will never face any failure for this cool item.

The Nikon Arrow rangefinder has advanced technology for measuring inclined or declined distances and provides you with the calculated horizontal distances. That is a great advantage for taking a shot at a reflective target located up on the hills or down the hills. You can also take a shot from a tree stand view easily. No guesswork is needed for that.

There are two ranging modes for this Nikon Arrow measuring the target which is enabled by Tru-target technology. Through this magnificent technology, you can focus the target and ignore the first object located before it like grass and other things. It’s called the distant target mode. The switching from the first target priority to the second one is really simple. You just need to hold the buttons for 2 seconds.


  • 8 ounces weight
  • 4x magnification
  • 20 mm objective lens
  • 6-550-yard ranging
  • 1-yard increments
  • 3 mm eye relief
  • Class 1 laser
  • Advanced ID Technology


  • Long eye relief
  • Ranges very fast
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple control
  • Continuous scanning
  • Large ocular lens
  • Ergonomic design
  • Water-resistant
  • Slope adjustment shooting
  • Distant target priority mode


  • A bit pricey

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07. AOFAR Hunting Archery Waterproof Range Finder


For a hunter or outdoorsman, this AOFAR Hunting Rangefinder is a wonderful outdoor tool. The device has four modes- range, scan, fog, and speed that will make it handy for different situations. You can measure 700 yards maximum distance with plus/minus 1-yard  precision with the 6x magnification ranger. This ranger implements a 905 nm laser that confirms your eye will be safe.

On a bad weather day, a hunter may face difficulty focusing on the target. But the built-in fog mode of this device will help you to solve this problem. If you love watching car racing or horse running then the speed mode will be a good option for you. The advanced pin-sensor technology will help you in the golf club. Besides, you will get an accurate distance and continuous scan of your surroundings through it.

The ranger is waterproof and dust resistant that will enhance your outdoor excitement. This device will automatically power-off after 8 seconds if there are no operations. You will get almost all necessary accessories with the package such as carrying case, carabiner, CR2 battery, lanyard, cleaning cloth, user manual, and 2 years of VIP warranty with lifetime customer service.


  • 14.4 ounces of weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 5 to 700 yards range
  • 0 to 300 km/h speed measurement
  • 905 nm laser type
  • +/-1-yard precision ranging
  • +/-5 km/h precision speed measuring
  • 16 mm eyepiece size
  • 3.8 mm exit pupil diameter
  • CR2 battery
  • 2-years warranty


  • Comes with necessary kits
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Four different modes
  • Fast measurement
  • Automatically power-off after 8 seconds
  • Pretty looking
  • Cheap rangefinder for archers


  • Fog mode doesn’t work well sometimes

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08. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Rangefinder


Among the Nikon’s rangefinder, ACULON  AL11 Rangefinder is the most compact rangefinder. Of course, you need to take along this great outdoor tool wherever you go. The ranger is capable of ranging distance from 5 to 550 yards. It has 6x magnification and a 20 mm objective lens. This rangefinder uses a class 1 laser that will give out the power of fewer than 0.0975 milliwatts.

The Nikon 8397 ACULON is programmed in distant target priority mode that will make it perfect for ballistic hunting, bow hunting, and target shooting. Due to its compactness and low weighing you can easily carry it in your pocket or pack. The multilayer coatings will provide you higher light transmittance across the entire visible light spectrum, and minimizes the loss of light due to reflection. So you will enjoy bright pictures there.

This rangefinder is simple to use and the built-in automatic shut-down feature will help you to power down the device to reduce battery use. The uncluttered display will show you different things such as distance, target mark, unit of measurement, laser irradiation mark, battery status. The ranger can measure accurately with 1 yard/meter increments.


  • 4.4 ounces of weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 5 to 550 yards range
  • 1 yard/meter accuracy
  • 20 mm objective lens
  • 16.7 mm eye relief
  • Exit Pupil 3.3 mm
  • Class 1 laser
  • CR2 battery


  • Compact size
  • Perfect for gun hunting, bow hunting, target shooting
  • Powers down after 8 seconds of inactivity
  • User-friendly design
  • Distant target priority mode
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Long eye relief


  • Comparatively pricy
  • No angle compensation mode

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09. Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Rangefinder

Sig-Sauer-4x20-KILO1200-Laser-Rangefinder-(Black,-Class-3R)The Sig Sauer KILO1200 model will be a pretty addition to your range bag. This is one of the advanced, easy-to-use rangers, and features light wave DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology which creates the fastest and longest distance ranger engine. It will range up to 1600 yards for reflective distance, and deer up to 600 yards. The rangefinder will allow you 4x magnification and a 20 mm objective lens.

This is a two-button operation rangefinder. By pressing the range-button on top of the unit you will easily get the target distance up to 1600 yards. Besides this, activating HyperScan mode will provide you four updates per second to range a moving target and delivers the most accurate reading for a distant stationary target. The RangeLock feature will report you when you are ranging distant targets.

The rangefinder includes an inclinometer that measures the relative angle to the target. When angle and range are integrated, the AMR (Angle Modified Range) system displays range so that you can perfectly compensate uphill and downhill shots. Otherwise, select the LOS (Line of Sight) ranging system. By pressing the mode button you will get the last or best targeting modes. The product comes with all the necessary attachments.

Sig KILO1200 has a high-transmittance LCD display which makes it easy to see readings in the field. It is designed for durability, and the housing is made of lightweight and durable polymer with a diopter adjustment. The SpectraCoat, anti-reflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections across the entire visible spectrum. There you will enjoy binocular-style eyecup. This will be a valuable addition to your hunting gear.

Key Specifications:

  • 7.5 ounces weight
  • 4x magnification
  • 20mm objective lens
  • 24mm eye relief
  • Class 3R laser
  • 436 yards field of view at 1000 yards
  • Effective range up to 1600 yards for reflective objects
  • AMR and LOS ranging system
  • Black color


  • One-hand operation
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-reflective lens coating
  • DSP technology for fastest ranging
  • HyperScan provides 4 range updates per second
  • RangeLock reports the last range
  • Binocular-style eyecup
  • A high transmittance LCD display
  • Simple to use
  • Nicely priced


  • Limited warranty

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10. Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Rangefinder

Vortex-Optics-Impact-850-Yard-Laser-RangefinderThe Vortex Optics impact 850 rangefinders will provide you HCD and LOS ranging system. When you activate the scan button you will get continual distance readings to pan across a landscape or track a moving target in yards or meters. It features a non-illuminated display and a highly intuitive menu. It will allow you to measure 850 yards away reflective targets with 6x magnification.

Most hunters and shooters prefer the primary HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode which measures distance with angle compensation. LOS (Line of Sight) mode is used to calculate long-distance, high-angle shots with increased precision.

This impact rangefinder will give you waterproof and shockproof performance, hence allowing you to use it in different conditions. The fully multi-coated lens will enhance light transmission in low light settings.

The rangefinder is run by a common CR2 battery and the battery life indicator is always visible in the display. This ranger comes with all necessary attachments. Like other quality Vortex optics, this product has a lifetime warranty.

Key Specifications:

  • 5.5 ounces weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 850 yards reflective range
  • 15 mm eye relief
  • 341 feet @1000 yards linear field of view
  • 6.5 degrees angular field of view
  • + / – 1 yards @ 100 yards accuracy
  • HCD and LOS ranging system


  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Works great in low lights
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Display not outstanding

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11. Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder, with Angle Intelligence

Halo-XL450-7-Hunting-Rangefinder,-bowhunting-and-gun-hunting-rangefinder-with-Angle-IntelligenceThe Halo XL450-7 is a class IIIA rangefinder which is handy for the archery-hunting purpose. It will calculate out to 450 yards for trees or hills and up to 350 yards for animals. When A hunter needs the best rangefinders with angle compensation for 40 yards shot or a rifle hunter trying to get a precise read for a 200-yard shot, this is absolutely a perfect choice at an affordable price. This will allow you 6x magnification.

The Angle Intelligence (AI) technology allows reading the proper angle for all types of terrain. Like quality rangefinders, it has scan mode which will provide you constant ranging. You can precisely measure plus/minus one yard through this.

This Halo rangefinder is lightweight and water-resistant. This is run by one CR2 Li-ion battery and includes a lanyard attachment. The power output is less than 5 milliwatts. and comes with a 1-year warranty.  We recommend using this rangefinder in various lighting conditions.

Key Specifications:

  • 5 ounces weight
  • 6x magnification
  • 450 yards range for reflective targets
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • 1 CR2 Li-ion battery
  • Class IIIA laser
  • AI technology


  • Great magnification
  • Waterproof
  • Cheapest archery rangefinder on our list
  • Compact size
  • Can read all types of slopes
  • Come with lanyard
  • Auto acquisition


  • Poor sight especially at low lights
  • Effective range lower than stated

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12. Leupold RX-650 Micro Rangefinder 120464

Leupold-RX-650-Micro-Laser-Rangefinder-120464The Leupold RX-650 is a simple, quality digital laser rangefinder that will deliver incredibly accurate LOS or line of sight measurement out to 650 yards for the reflective target. This includes a fully multi-coated lens system for a bright and pristine image and allows 6x magnification. The scan mode will allow you continuous range updates as you track movement or scan an area.

This RX rangefinder includes a high contrast LCD display and rubber armor for a positive grip. It will deliver you 366 feet at 1000 yards field of view which is good to track game on the move. The rangefinder includes a fast-focus eyepiece with precision clicks for quick adjustments in the field. This is powered by a CR2 lithium camera battery and has a convenient battery power indicator.

Most quality rangefinders are highly-priced but this is relatively cheap with great hunting uses. It is a compact, lightweight, and weather-resistant device. It is a good rangefinder with lots of positive customer feedback. This rangefinder works well at close distances, so it’s ok for archery hunting. The product comes with 2 years warranty.

Key Specifications:

  • 6.3 ounces weight
  • 16.3 mm eye relief
  • 6x magnification
  • 5 to 650 yards for reflective targets
  • LOS ranging system
  • 366 feet @1000 yards linear field of view
  • 7 degrees angular field of view


  • Multi-coated lens
  • Water-resistant
  • Fog-proof
  • Nice gripping
  • Continuous scanning
  • Relatively cheap rangefinder for archers and hunters
  • Fast focus


  • Doesn’t come with a lanyard
  • LOS measurement only

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Buying Guide of the Best Rangefinder for Bowhunting

How Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting Work

Best Rangefinder for BowhuntingIt’s good to know how any given device works. The working principle of a quality rangefinder with laser technology like the Vortex 1500 is quite simple. Not as simple as a bow rangefinder though. When you point it at any object, there is a beam of light emitted from the rangefinder. After that, the focused light is reflected back to the source. The time for the light to get from the source to the target and then being reflected back is recorded. That total time is then used to calculate the distance of the target.

Know Your Priorities

Knowing the priority of your rangefinder is hugely important as that will guide you to get what you need. Sometimes people get carried away by the features and design of a certain product that they altogether forget what they actually want. So, always keep that in mind.

Rangefinders are designed to provide for two types of situations. The first type is made for that kind of situation where you get a wide-open space for having a view like a golf field. Here, there is no obstruction for the viewer when they want to have a look at the flag on the green field. There are specific rangefinders made for golfers.

Whereas, there are rangefinders made for situations like the jungle where you can’t get a clear view of the target because of the dense arrays of trees and branches. This is a hunting situation where you face certain difficulties to get a clear view and a clear shot. There are dedicated products for these hunting situations.

So, you need to know where you will be using those rangefinders before you buy one. Knowing the priorities makes it easy to pick the right kind of tools. It saves your money, energy, and time.

Types of Bowhunting Rangefinder

The primary function of any rangefinder is the same that is reading distance accurately at one click. Out of the many rangefinders, four types of rangefinders are used for bowhunting purposes.

Laser Bowhunting Rangefinder

The first one is the laser rangefinder with laser technology and perfect for range finding with archery rangefinders. This type of laser rangefinder helps to get the distance measured by focusing a laser beam onto the target in the line of sight and calculating the time of the travel from the source to the target and reflecting back. As the light speed is always constant, you will get a very good result of the distance measured. The maximum distance is then shown on the screen. They are very popular among hunters and shooters due to speedy readings.

Optical Rangefinder for Bow Hunters

The second type is optical rangefinders. These are the ones where you get the distance by overlapping two images reflected by the mirrors in the rangefinder. Thus they produce one target image to measure the distance and shown on the dial. Not many people use this type as they may take a certain time to calculate the distance. But they are a really cool product to measure a stationary target which is located far away. One thing to remember though, you may need some patience and time for getting the optimum result. Among the hunting rangefinder types, this is the cheapest version.

Ultrasonic Rangefinders for Archers

The third type is the ultrasonic rangefinder. These are not the ideal type as they may get affected by the noise or sound of the wild animals and birds. The sound of the wind may even cause the distortion of the reading too. The working principle is to send some sound waves by the transducer to the target. The bounced sound wave will be captured then by a handheld device.

Thus the distance is measured. Although, an ultrasonic rangefinder can give accurate readings, the outdoor noises by birds, animals, rain, wind, and others will seriously affect the reading. Also, you can’t use it on an elevated place like in a tree stand. This type of rangefinder provides accurate ranging for short distances but can’t work well for long distances.

GPS Archery Rangefinders

As the name suggests, GPS rangefinders have built-in GPS to measure the distance between hunter and target. They are not very popular for hunting but several hunters use this technology. This type of rangefinder is widely held in golf courses as you can figure out the next hole distance easily. To get maximum benefits, the map must be pre-uploaded.

Range of the Bowhunting Rangefinder

In general, the archery rangefinder has a vast covering range for any given situation. But, in the case of bowhunting, you don’t need to be worried about that. Because a bow can’t shoot long distances like a rifle like a firm stand. Rangefinders have a minimum and maximum range capability if you want to shoot. You need to check the minimum range for your device. Don’t concentrate on the maximum range as you won’t be needing that for bowhunting.

Besides, there is one thing that you need to remember. Every product is tested in an ideal situation. But, you will be using them in the wild fields. So, the actual range won’t be there when you are hunting a squirrel with your bow. Because several diminishing factors are associated with the process which wasn’t there in the test field.

Another important aspect of the rangefinder is; it can give a good measurement for the products which are reflective. In a dim light condition, you won’t be getting a very good range. In a bowhunting situation, you may need a shot of around 30 yards. That is why the maximum range isn’t that important for a bowhunter. If you have a single pin sight for your bow, then rangefinder becomes very effective in your hunting adventure.

Increment Reading

Increment reading is really important for a bowhunting situation. The laser rangefinders with laser technology face this issue in general. But, the optical ones have also this problem. The more little the increment reading, the better the equipment is. The ideal increment reading for bowhunting should be 10 yards. That will give you the user benefit you want.


best archery rangefinderMagnification is a very useful element for an archery rangefinder as it helps to watch the target more clearly and closely. Although laser rangefinder has a greater advantage of locating the distance more accurately, the optical ones come with better options in magnification. Still, there is a silver lining for magnification when it is for bowhunting.

You don’t need great magnification like the red dot magnifier for your bowhunting because the distance isn’t very long. A 4x magnification is better than a 6x magnification as the previous one will help to present you with a wider field of view. Besides, more magnification means an expensive item too. So, don’t be very serious about a big magnification for your bow hunting rangefinders.

Objective Lens

For any optical device, the lens is a very important part. For your rangefinder, selecting one with a high-quality lens is really vital. Especially the coating of the lens plays an important role in producing a crisp and clear image. There are various types of coatings for a lens. Because of this coating type, the amount of light passing through the lens can vary a lot. Also, the amount of coating and the location where it is applied play some roles.

In general, there are four types of coating that you can find which are applied to the lens. The first one is the coated lens where there is one surface covered. The next type is the fully-coated lens where you will find both sides covered with the coating. The third type is the multi-coated lens and the fourth one is the fully multi-coated one. The last two are very capable of passing through plenty of light that creates a crisp and clear image. Because of that superior quality, those items cost you some.

If you are hunting in a place where the light condition isn’t that good, then, quality archery rangefinders can solve your problem. On the other hand, if you are in an open and bright place, a medium-quality coated lens is enough for you. The size of the lens also needs to be considered as there are variations based on that. Large size lens is priced more whereas smaller ones come with a moderate price. The big lens also causes you trouble because of the extra weight it carries with you.

Angle Compensation for Archery Rangefinder

Angle compensation for bow hunting rangefinders is really important. Hunting at angles is really complex and takes some work to do. For a flat shooting area, you don’t need shooting angle adjustment. But, if you are on a steep hill or on a tree stand, angle adjustment data must be taken into calculation. For that, you should take a rangefinder that solves this angle adjustment problem.

Angle calculation and adjustment are done through software in the rangefinder by solving the math associated with the elevated place. Thus it saves you from any guesswork. It is not a very likely scenario for a hunter to find himself on an uphill angle or elevated place of angle all of a sudden. But, you must be prepared for every possible situation. So, it will be wise to get a rangefinder with angle compensation and adjustment ability for the available data. Otherwise, you may have to guess the shot and waste it.

Quality Features

Your bowhunting rangefinder can bring different qualities to it. It may be very pricey and come with lots of features. There are also different sizes and designs for the best rangefinders. Before you choose one, you must take into consideration all the pros and cons of the rangefinder and the quality of the product. It must match your needs. So, don’t compromise with quality. Otherwise, you may face some compensation with the result.

Display Color of the Bowhunting Rangefinder

If your rangefinder has a black digital display, then it will be a little bit difficult for you to read them in a low-light situation. This is really important as many of the hunting operations happen during low-light conditions. A low-budget item normally doesn’t have a designed color-led display. If you can spend some bucks, you may have the best one with a color-led display option. It’s a good thing to have for a serious hunter.

Size and Weight

The weight and size of your product are also very vital as you may move a lot during the hunting period. That is why a big size item is really problematic for a hunter. You want the least amount of load possible for you to carry with you when you hunt. So, pick a compact designed rangefinder that suits your bill. It will serve you best.

Ease of Use

Rangefinders are a very handy item in general. Most of the items are very comfortable to use and their design is done maintaining the ergonometric principle. That is why they are very easy to handle for users. Comfortability is a big issue for a rangefinder. A user-friendly item with the best features can create a lot of easiness for the hunters.

The Budget of Archery Rangefinders

The budget is always very crucial for buying any product. For a bowhunting rangefinder, there are many options to choose from. You can select a budget-friendly rangefinder option if you are hunting in bright daylight on a horizontal open field. But, for shooting in an elevated place under a dim light condition, you may have to spend some bucks for having a high-end product like Vortex 1800 Ranger. Before you buy one, make sure to have a priority list for you. Also, you need to consider how much you can spend on your item. Keeping all these in mind, go for the right kind of rangefinder for a bowhunting adventure.


There are many well-known brands on the market when it comes to quality rangefinders for long-range use. Some have come with the latest technology models and some have offered beautifully designed products. It is always safe to go for a well-known brand for a safe option. But, you can go for a new brand also if you can choose wisely. A good brand has a strong base of customer care and support, which is really beneficial. You can get proper help for a damaged product if any repair or replacement is needed.

Other Factors of Best Rangefinder for Bowhunting


The item should be able to protect itself from fog, water, and dust. Because of that, it will have a long service time. Also, you will face no disruption of use when in a rough weather situation.

Scan Mode of Bowhunting Rangefinders

There is another important aspect for a bowhunting ranger which is the scanning mode. This mode is essential for the busy hunting area. By activating the mode, you will get the whole landscape within a few seconds. After scanning, it will show all the measured distances.

During the hunting period, you must be able to scan the areas very carefully to know your surroundings. It is a great feature to have in your rangefinder. Try to match the ranger with bow accessories like the top-notch bow sights used while hunting.

Close Target and Far Target Priority

Bowhunters need rangefinders that can read close targets. In this case, look for 10 yards or lower than that ranges lockable rangefinders.

Some rangers have a far target priority mode that enables them to eradicate the possibility of giving the wrong reading of any grass or branches located before the actual target. Some of them can size up your target. In a nutshell, there are so many factors on which you can decide whether you will buy a certain product or not.

View Screen

The display or view screen is an important consideration of the rangefinders. This should be clear enough so that you can read it even in low-light conditions. You should also give importance to eye relief. It is the maximum distance between your eye and eyepiece to view the complete image. The more the eye-relief is, the easier you can use the rangefinder.

Usually, rangefinders displays come either LCD or LED style. You may wonder which one is better between LCD vs LED displays. If you hunt in good lighting conditions, the LCD will be more suitable. On the other hand, LED display is excellent for early morning or evening hunting.

Accuracy and Precision

The primary reason behind using a rangefinder is to eliminate guesswork. The good quality bow hunting rangefinders provide +/- 1-yard accuracy at 1000 yards. It will give you almost 100% accurate readings. Several top-notch rangefinders also give more accurate ranging within +/- 1/2 yard.

But, you should check first whether the claim is true or false. To do that, you can consult with an expert. And the easiest way is to choose rangefinders from our reviews, as all of them will provide you accurate measurements as they claimed.


The reticle or aiming point of a rangefinder is located in the center of the viewfinder. The rangefinder’s reticle consists of two or more horizontal lines.  The laser ranger will allow you the opportunity to activate the laser with a single press of a button. The laser ray will hit the object and give it back to you. Then rangefinder divides the distance by two and shows the actual distance between you and the object.

You should go for a clear and easy-to-use reticle rangefinder that can hold steady on the object. Try for several rangefinders and figure out which one provides a better steady reticle. If you want to know how to determine range using the range formula, this article will quench your thirst.

How to Use A Rangefinder for Bowhunting?

The rangefinder is nowadays an essential device for bowhunting. To make perfect shots in bowhunting, you need accurate ranging of the targets thus rangefinder comes in handy. So how to use a rangefinder for bowhunting? We’ll cover the topic in several steps.

  1. If you want to use a rangefinder for bowhunting, you should first get the best bowhunting rangefinder. Luckily this article will ease your choice greatly.
  2. The next step is to understand how rangefinders work. To realize that you can read manufacturers’ manual or consult with some experts. Be familiar with scan mode, angle compensation mode, etc. In the above, we’ve discussed the bowhunting rangefinder’s working process in detail.
  3. Practice with rangefinders to make accurate shots. The more you practice the more you learn how to use rangefinder effectively under any conditions.
  4. Learn how to use a rangefinder from an elevated distance such as a tree stand. To compensate, activate angle compensation mode.
  5. If your rangefinder gives inaccurate readings, don’t use the faulty one. Rather than pick another that provides the accurate measurement.

Maintaining Bowhunting Rangefinders

There are certain rules and guidelines that should be followed by bow hunters when they use a rangefinder. This will help you take care of the items and have a wonderful hunting experience. Let’s learn those tips:

  • You should keep your best rangefinder for bow hunting away from any direct sunlight. Whenever you are packing the item, pack it carefully and properly so that there is no jolting around. Any dramatic moisture or temperature change isn’t good for your rangefinder. So, be aware of that.
  • You should not touch the optics with your hand. Also, take care of the rangefinder regularly. The battery shouldn’t be in the ranger for a long period of time if you are not using them for a long time. Whenever you face a problem, don’t try to repair it on your own if you are not an expert on that.
  • You can rest it on a universal mount that can protect the ranger from any kind of damage. Most importantly, always follow the guideline provided by the manufacturer to operate the rangefinder. It will keep you and your product safe.

Considerations for Buying Best Cheap Archery Rangefinders

Best-Cheap-Archery-RangefindersWith a cheap budget, you might get a quality rangefinder, research first then spend wisely. ‌You should choose the one which will match your criteria. The following important things you need to check before purchasing a cheap rangefinder.

  • Never go for a too cheap ranger. It may not function well or be the reason for your headache.
  • ‌Don’t go for the top-quality rangefinder, it will cost more.
  • ‌Check whether the necessary accessories are included in the package or not.
  • ‌Check your product if it is weather-resistant or not.
  • Will this match your desired specifications such as magnification, range, field of view, weight, etc?
  • You are looking for cheap archery rangefinders due to a tight budget. You should know that there are some budget-friendly rangefinders and cheap all-purpose rangefinders that can serve you in various situations. You can try them too.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

01. Do I Need a Rangefinder for Bow Hunting?

For an enthusiastic hunter, the answer is a big yes. Hunting without a rangefinder is like trying to walk closing your eyes. You will be kind of blind if you don’t take a rangefinder with you while bow hunting. You will get a clear advantage by carrying a bow hunting range finder with you. Besides, a good rangefinder will assist you with measuring the angle compensation too.

02. What Does the Reflective Target Mean in Bow Hunting Rangefinder?

A reflective target is that which can reflect the light back to the optics when it is focused on it. Some of the reflective targets are glass, rocks, or metals.

03. Is Laser Rangefinder Safe for a Bow Hunting?

The laser rangefinders that are available on the market are safe to use for the human eye. They are classified into class 1 and class 2. Both are safe. In spite of that, you should avoid direct eye contact when you do the bowhunting. That would be best for you. The top range finder for archery is really the best in this field.

04. Can I use a golf rangefinder for hunting?

Some rangefinders have dual features to use either for golfing or hunting. If any golf rangefinder has scan and angle compensation modes then you can use it for hunting.

05. Can you use a rangefinder in 3D archery?

It depends on the archery type. Most of the 3D archery allow rangefinders but a few of them don’t. If you use a rangefinder in 3D archery make sure you have the best rangefinder for 3D archery like this Vortex rangefinder.

06. Are rangefinders used in competitive bowhunting?

Many bowhunting competitions allow you to use rangefinders but some of them don’t have this facility.

07. What bows and archery types are suitable to use in bowhunting rangefinders?

Typically, rangefinders are handheld devices to read target measurements and make accurate shots. This type of rangefinders can be used to any bow such as recurve, compound, or traditional. Several rangers come with bow-mounted options. If you want to use them with a bow make sure this one is compatible with your bow.

A rangefinder is a great add-on while hunting or a 3D archery competition. But it’s useless when practicing archery in the backyard.

08. Are rangefinders and rangefinder-binoculars same?

Rangefinders and binoculars are dissimilar optics. While you need the good aspects of both worlds, that is distance measurement and binocular functions, the rangefinder-binoculars like this Nikon rangefinder will be handy.

Combining the two optics, rangefinder-binoculars are developed. But rangefinder-binoculars add more weight that many hunters don’t like at all.  So rangefinders are the best choice where lightweight is required.


Finding a good quality product requires some investment of time and energy along with money. If you want to get the top products in the bowhunting rangefinder field, then research very extensively. We hope that our detailed buying guide of the best rangefinder for bow hunting will help you become a pro-level bow hunter. Happy bowhunting!

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