Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Hunting: 5 Adjustable Ones!

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

A bow hunting lover likes to have the best single pin bow sight for hunting in the wilderness. It is really important to choose top-quality sights when it comes to taking those items on any hunting adventure. That is why you must have an eye for selecting the finest quality items. But, it is sometimes difficult for a newbie even for an expert to pick one from the abundance of numbers.

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Don’t worry if you are confused over the choice range of your single bow sight selection. We will guide you to get the product you deserve. Just read our single-pin sight reviews and choose from these best items. There is, as usual, a thorough buying guide for your easy understanding.

Top Choice

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Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews

01. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight (Black)

HHA-OL-5519-Optimizer-Lite-.019-5500-Sight-(Black)The magnificent OL-5519 Optimizer Lite is true assistance in a hunting adventure. This single pin sight has a tip of 0.019” which is a medium-grade pin offering precise shooting and accuracy. The bow sight offers a toolless micro-adjustment windage system for you. There is also the Mathews harmonic damper and the patented ds-tapes.

You will find the revolutionary yardage dial system that offers you rapid yardage adjustment. For that, you just need to sight in 20 and 80 yards, and then select the color-coded tapes that come with it. The tapes are made with one-yard increments. Because of this wonderful adjustment facility, you can have your shot very precise and accurate.

The sight weighs very light at 0.96 ounces. The fiber optic of the sight supports the pin brightness which is protected by a covering. The fiber length is 5 feet and there is also an exclusive mechanical rheostat light for the adjustment of the brightness.

The Optimizer Lite is very strong with 100 percent machined aluminum construction. It facilitates the armor sight pin technology for you. The sight has a black color finish. The green sight ring is cool to watch and helps in any ambient light conditions. All in all this sight can be perfect assistance for any hunting-loving person.


  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Easy dial tapes
  • Sight housing very cool
  • Green ambient optic fiber
  • Pin sight thickness medium level
  • Armor sight pin technology
  • Mathews harmonic damper
  • Rheostat light to adjust the brightness
  • Color-coded tapes
  • The best adjustable single pin bow sight


  • Doesn’t come with multiple stickers

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02. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Trophy-Ridge-Pursuit-Vertical-Pin-Bow-SightThe Trophy Ridge comes with a limitless shooting option for you. The adjustable vertical indicator pin the sight has will allow you dial-in the same amount of yardage you want. Also, the controlling of yardage is really smooth and silent. You will find that there are two styles available for the Pursuit, left-handed and right-handed.

The single pin sight has a medium-grade vertical pin of .019” brightness. That is how you can narrow down your target by having a precise shooting mark. Because of the adjustable brightness level, you will be able to suit any kind of lighting condition by using the rheostat light, the performance of the vertical indicator pin is really top-notch.

In the outdoor world, you can maintain your accuracy with the help of glow indicator pins through low and changing light. The 100 percent engineered aluminum construction gives a sturdy and durable construction for the bow sight. It comes with both a right-handed and left-handed shooter. The windage and elevation adjustment of the item is super easy.

The archery sight offers a clear and unobstructed view of the target. It comes with a precision-installed bubble level for you to get the shot accurate. The Delrin bushings of the adjustment system helps to get quiet movement and smooth operation with no metal to metal contact. The bow sight is the best budget single pin sight for you.


  • Excellent windage and elevation adjustment
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic
  • Glow in the dark ring
  • Rheostat light
  • The best budget single pin bow sight
  • Unobstructed wide view
  • Precise bubble level
  • Delrin bushings for smooth operation
  • Bright fiber optic ring
  • Medium level pin brightness
  • Adjustable indicator pins


  • No instruction manual
  • No pre-marked tape points

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03. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

TRUGLO-Range-Rover-PRO-LED-Bow-SightThis TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO has the innovative technology of power-dot illuminated center dot. It is an upgrade of the original range rover sight by losing the pin. Thus, it opens up the field of view for the user. The hunter will get a superior accuracy as the sight places a circle with a bright center dot in the new revolutionary scope.

As there is no pin but a single dot for you, you will get a wide view of any long-distance shot. Any single pin sight offers more views than the multi-pin sights. And, this sight will increase on that. There are 11 brightness levels that will give you an opportunity to adjust the view for any lighting conditions. It has some similarities with the reflex sights we’ve covered also on our site.

The zero-in dial is also an added advantage for the PRO. The yardage adjustment is really fast and precise. You will also find this very smooth and easy to control. There is as usual a glow ring for having a clear view in the dark. The tool-less design is another worth mention design part that makes it a winner among the vast majority of single pin sight products.

The aperture of the bow has a diameter of 1.8 inches. There is a quiver mount that is included with the sight and you can adjust for both hand use. It is a slider sight that is adjustable. Also, there is a two-time magnification opportunity (like magnifying ability red dots) for you as the accessory lens kit will provide that. For yardage adjustment ease, it comes with yardage tape too. The body is also heavily built with CNC-machined aluminum.


  • Adjustable slider
  • Micro-adjust windage
  • Illuminated LED aiming point
  • Multi brightness setting
  • Includes yardage tapes
  • Wide field of view
  • Zero-In adjustment dial
  • Glow-in-the-dark ring
  • Toolless design
  • Two times magnification
  • Includes quiver mount
  • Increased accuracy


  • Slightly slower than a regular single pin sight

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04. TRUGLO Range-Rover Series

TRUGLO-Range-Rover-SeriesThe TRUGLO Range-Rover series has a variety of options where you can select from the standard, ultra-fine, and zero-in adjustment types. Each one of them has the quality to be the ultimate single-pin sight for a hunter like you. You will have a clean and circular sight picture of the target where the metal pin will direct you to the aim point.

This spectacular bow sight offers adjustable yardage customization for the hunters. The fiber optic of the bow sight is really long and is protected by being fully wrapped. You can easily handle the sight with one-hand because of the ultra-smooth bracket of this wonderful item. The quiver that comes with it can be mounted on the bracket directly.

The shooter can adjust the sight both for the right hand and left-hand use. You can get the sight housing scope lens of 1.87” which is sold separately. It will increase the precise shooting of your game. There are laser marks for both elevation and windage adjustments. The toolless yardage lock system is really helpful for acquiring the target and aim sharply.

In the sight, the yardage marking is really easy as there are over 40 pre-marked tapes for yardage that makes the setup simple and easy. There is also a removable rheostat light included with the machine that can assist you in a low-light situation. No 2nd or 3rd axis here. The zero-in dial of the sight is a well-reputed feature for any bow hunting lover.


  • Medium brightness
  • Adjustable yardage setup
  • Zero-in adjustment settings
  • Long and protected fiber optic
  • Ultra-smooth bracket for easy handling
  • Separate scope lens
  • Laser marks for windage and elevation setting
  • Quiver mounting option
  • Both hand shooting
  • Multiple pre-marked tapes
  • Rheostat light


  • Yardage adjustment little bit difficult
  • No actual 2nd  or 3rd axis

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05. TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

TRUGLO-Pendulum-Ultimate-Treestand-Bow-SightThe TRUGLO Pendulum bow sight is the most advanced sight available for the treestand option. It can be extremely quiet for the hunters when they are in a shooting position that requires extreme silence for having a clean and precise shot of the game. This one-pin bow sight will automatically compensate for up to 35 yards distances.

When you are on the ground and trying to shoot a prey, you can lock the pendulum in place. The pin is medium-sized .019” brightness level. So, there is a lot of rooms for an easy and quick view of the target. A clear and unobstructed view can be attained through sight. The aperture diameter is 1.8”, which is really big for having a large coverage area for watching the targets.

The optic fiber is extra-large and is protected by being wrapped up. Here, you will get an adjustable bracket system which is super cool for different operations as per necessity. You will also find a fixed bracket version of the bow sight which is slightly cheaper than the adjustable one. I will suggest you go for the adjustable one as it offers more.

There is a rheostat LED light that is removable and can be adjusted as per requirements. It has a violet color for easy observation of the pin sight. You will also get pre-printed yardage tape that comes with it. It helps to get the target accurately as you can change the yardage through the adjustable settings. If you want a moderate option for one pin bow sight, this can be a good choice.


  • Very smooth and easy handling
  • Advanced treestand sight
  • Pendulum locking system
  • Medium range pin size
  • Protected fiber optic
  • Adjustable for both hand use
  • Big aperture diameter
  • Yardage tapes included
  • Removable rheostat LED light
  • Adjustable bracket


  • Yardage isn’t too long
  • A medium quality optional light

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Single Pin vs. Multi Pin

There is a well-known debate between a single pin sight vs a multi-pin bow sight among the hunters. We’ll discuss their respective pros and cons and try to give you a clear idea here so that your decision-making would be easier when you want to buy one for yourself.

Single Pin Bow Sight

As the name suggests, this one pin sight has one aiming pin for you. They are very popular among the hunters and shooters and gaining more reputation over time. Because of just one single pin, you can have an unobstructed view when you are shooting. Besides, there are no blind spots and sight clutter for that matter. As a result, you will get to see everything that comes into the view of the sight with minimum effort.

The downside of the single pin is that; you will need to adjust the pin every time the target moves from one place to another. That is why an adjustable single pin sight requires some practice before any hunter takes it with him. But, there are many single pin sights that will offer a very smooth one-handed adjustability for the user. So, you don’t need to be worried at all. Personally, I like to use one of these best adjustable single-pin bow sights for hunting.

Multi-Pin Bow Sight

These multi-pin bow sights are also very popular among shooters and archery lovers. You can have multiple pins in your bow sight for different distances. Before shooting you can calibrate the distance as you like. In that case, two corresponding pins should have a difference of ten to five yards minimum. You can shoot a moving target easily with this multi-pin sight. You just need to memorize the pin distance each of the pins offers. Like the single pin sight, you don’t need to adjust the pin and take a shot without taking your eye off the target.

Likewise, the multi-pin sight has some downsides too. Because of the presence of multiple pins, the viewing area of the sight gets cluttered. You may lose a significant amount of target area because of that. Also, picking up a target is difficult for this sight. You may need to practice your shots when you will target a prey located at a distance between two adjacent pins of the bow sight. It’s really up to the hunter or shooter to decide between single pin vs multi pins.

Buying Guide for Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Hunting

Best single pin bow sight for huntingBuying any desired product needs some research and thinking as every person wants to spend wisely. When you are going for the best quality single pin archery sights, you also need some study work to do. At first, gain some basic understanding of the bow sights if you are new to the concept. Then set your preferred goals and criteria based on what you will scan the products. A predetermined price range also helps you to select the products in a short time. So, let’s see what are the points that need to be checked before buying your single pin bow sight.

Reticle Bow Sight

These kinds of sights are becoming more and more popular. Hunters of the modern time love this type as they are super easy to handle and get the work done with minimum effort. In the case of the single pin, you need to remember the holding of the pin with respect to the target. But, for the reticle sight, you just need to aim the object and shoot. Like in a quality 1911 sight. It has a single dot at the center of the sight. Accuracy and shot perfection are really high on this type of dot sight.

The downside of these types is that they are not very quick like the multi-pin sights. Durability is also an issue for these sights. Carrying these sights with you requires some care as they may get scratch on the reticle. Maintenance is a bit tricky when you are hunting in the wilderness for it. You should carry a protection case for the reticle sight.

Vertical Pin Types

You will find many of the single pin sights as vertical types. Most professional hunters use these types. The one pin is really helpful for watching the target because there are a lot of rooms for viewing. They are a lot more durable than the reticle sights and can last long. Although you may need to practice a bit as the moving target requires adjustment of the pin. But, with the time you’ll get used to it.

Pin Size

Pin size is of different types. When you are in a dim light position or in a dark place, the pin light will be very crucial for having a perfect spotting of the target (like using a quality night vision scope for easy shooting). If the pin brightness is too low, then you will face difficulty in finding the target. Also, in broad daylight, a brighter pin will not help you as it will mingle with the sunlight. For example, the yellow-type brightness pin isn’t good in a daylight situation.

When it comes to the pin size, you should choose carefully. Most of the hunters like to have a medium category pin size like the 0.019”. There is also a bigger sized pin like the 0.029”. the smallest option available for it is the 0.01” pin types. The bigger-sized pin helps to see the target. But, the smaller ones will help you to acquire the target point more accurately. So, it’s also up to you to choose them as per your preference and expertise.


As the single pin sights will need adjustment from time to time, you must choose a sight with a quick adjustment facility. There are dials and sliders for them in the settings. The best adjustable single pin sights are those with the easiest micro-adjustment windage system. Besides, you will need to check whether or not they have the 2nd and 3rd axis or not. These are really critical for having good accuracy during hunting operations. So, be very careful regarding these adjustment features.


Most of the bow hunters shoot at around 50 yards and less. You will be able to shoot with your bow sight at those distances easily. Most of the quality single pin sights can cover that distance. If you are about to shoot at distances more than that then we suggest you have a bow sight with a 2nd axis adjustment too. This will create the option to get a good accuracy for long-distance shooting with a scope.


Design is an important factor when it comes to buying any hunting equipment. Like selecting a 22lr for squirrel hunting. A nice and well-thought design can facilitate a lot of features for the user. The mounting options, assemble and disassemble ways, axis adjustment is very crucial when any design person wants to create a bow sight. The best manufacturers, like TRUGLO, offer the top design items. So, select very wisely when you choose a design.


Durability is related to the design of the product and the materials used for it. Most of the items are durable for long time use. before there was some concern for the optic fiber and pin tip. But, nowadays you will find that the fiber optics are sealed and the pins are very strong too. Our single pin bow sight reviews will tell you about the durability factor also.


It is better to check the legal procedure for your respective state before you use any kind of hunting object. Because the bow sights are found in different types like a laser, reticle, lights, others. So, be sure about its legality issue.


As the bow sights are used in hunting and target shooting operations with scopes, they are carried for a long distance most of the time. So, it’s really imperative that the sights must be really light and portable. Most of the top-quality bow sights are easy to carry and offer real assistance in hunting different animals.


Price is always important for any kind of product be it very essential and important or something very casual. There is some price range for a one-pin sight too. For a decent price, you will get many options to choose from. If you want something fancy or high-end, you will also find those types on the market. So, choose accordingly with respect to your budget.


This detailed review of the best single pin bow sight for hunting is for those serious hunters who want to pack themselves up with the advanced equipment for having a successful hunting operation. For better results, take a rangefinder for archery hunting too to get a view of the area before you shoot. Tell us what you think of our guidelines and product list. If there is any suggestion regarding the choice range over these products or recommendations, do tell us about that. Happy bow hunting!

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