How to Shoot with Night Vision Goggles: 3 Easy Techniques for Beginners!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

How to shoot with night vision goggles? Well, it’s not so easy to shoot with night vision goggles as you think normally. NVG users should have proper training and sufficient knowledge about the best night vision goggles. The beams produced by the aiming lights can’t be seen with open eyes, but NVGs can make it visible at night. Moreover, both aiming lights and NVGs need to be adjusted correctly to hit the targets.

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As a newbie, you don’t know ins and outs of NVGs. But you need to learn all of these if you want to be a pro NVG user. We know, you have lots of queries. But, don’t worry, we are with you. Today we will explain such an important topic on how to shoot with night vision goggles. Let’s check out the tips!

How to Shoot with Night Vision Goggles?

How to shoot with night vision gogglesPerhaps you know, NVG and aiming lights technology have significantly changed since their origination through ages. The older versions of goggles were bulkier and didn’t provide comfortable wearing for long. But now everything has changed enormously. The 3rd generation NVGs are lighter, comfortable to wear and provide super crisp images. Moreover, mounting and using has become very easier.

Aiming lights have improved too. The latest models have incorporated steady beams rather than stimulating beams. Their effective ranges also improved from 165 yards to 330 yards.

Different experts recommend numerous ways of shooting under NVGs. We will discuss a few easy techniques below.

Shooting Under Night Vision Goggles with IR Laser

Usually, night vision goggles shooting is completed with an IR laser mounted to the rifle. It’s simple, just need to look at the top of the optic and easily make a hit out to a certain distance.

According to the goggles and their position, you can look down to the optic. But it only works if you use an NV compatible red dot sight. However, it needs to mount far significantly, so that the night vision doesn’t interfere. Truly, this is not the ideal method, but it works nicely with decent shooting positions if you don’t want to use the aiming laser.

Shooting with Night Vision Goggles (Using Dual Tubes)

When you go for shooting with dual tubes night vision goggles and a gun, it’s pretty good than using the monocular. But you can’t mount it with the weapon as you can do in the monocular.

There is another way to use the NVG and the pistol combinedly. After setting the goggles with proper alignment, you can focus on the iron-sights with the dominant eye. At the same time, watch on the target with the other eye. When both images overlap then place the pistol precisely on the target and shoot it.

Shooting with Night Vision Goggles (Using Single Tubes)

There is only one way to shoot with single-tube night vision goggles such as PVS-7. The way is to use a laser in combination with the rifle or pistol. You don’t have any other options to do that.

But, LUCIE and similar systems are exceptions to this rule. They allow shooting because they are built to aim through sights like the G36 HKV. Here is a detailed illustration:

Final Words

For successful shooting with night vision goggles, you need to be skilled enough. You need to adjust both the aiming light and the NVGs for hitting the targets properly. Night vision goggles have developed a lot with their generations, so you must have adequate knowledge of various models and generations of NVGs also.

Now you know the basics of how to shoot with night vision goggles. It’s time to practice and don’t forget the instructions that we have discussed here.

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