Night Vision Forums: 10 Most Resourceful Forums on Night Vision!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Are you crazy about night vision? Do you have difficulty in keeping in touch with what goes on in the night vision world? Are you missing out on the in-depth conversations about the night vision topics? Well, look no further, because we have 10 of the most resourceful Night Vision Forums for an outdoorsman like you. Post your thoughts, learn from the experts, and become the very best!

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So, here are the night vision forums that you must join now!!

10 Best Night Vision Forums

Candle Power Forums

Night-Vision-ForumsCandle Power Forums is one of the best forums on the internet. They have a vast amount of categories to talk about. They have over three hundred thousand members and it’s growing day by day because of their popularity. The forum started its journey in 2007.

There are lots of topics to go through around the forum. You will always find experts’ opinions about the working principle of night vision. They have an administrative section like most of the forums that have three categories i.e. administrative announcements, questions/problems of night vision/suggestions, and new member introductions.

Next, they have a section called flashlights which is really awesome! Interesting topics like LED flashlights, budget lights, headlamps, flashlight reviews are there for any night vision enthusiasts. Hundreds of posts are there regarding all about night vision flashlights. There is also a commercial corner where manufacturers and dealers are advertising their products.

Then, you will find a CPF mall section consisting of a CPF vendor and want to sell categories. Different types of deals are there for the members if they are interested. The next big thing is about their General Marketplace section where want-to-buy/want-to-trade, modified flashlights, and many interesting categories are there. Cheers ‘N Jeers is a very uncommon forum part that you will find here.

Also, there are custom and modified flashlights section which may amaze you the most with their in-depth discussions and posts. Beyond flashlights is also a very detailed section where many related topics are discussed. The adventuring and question section is totally unique and amazing! Last but not least, there is also an off-topic section, yes that’s right! So literally it’s a heaven for any person who looks for good quality NV forums.

AR15 Night Vision

This AR15 Night Vision is one of the oldest forums you will find on the internet. It has started its journey in 1996 and is continuing with success still today. It claims to be the largest firearm community in the world and a gathering place for all types of firearm enthusiasts. It’s a vaster type of forum that does have a wide variety of topics within which night vision is one.

It has a discussion forum section that has quite a lot of categories. Among those ar15, ak47, precision shooting, general, outdoors are the most interesting ones. You will find many experts and outdoor people there to help you out with any kind of information or suggestion you need.

Next, there is a firearm resources section where guides and manuals, firearm news, videos, photos, and rangefinder section may interest you. After that, you will see a section named equipment exchange which is a very good place if you want your equipment to exchange with anything you want!

There are also some interesting sections like build your dream rifle and shop ar15 to wander around. You can also subscribe to their newsletter which is really awesome as it contains really cool news and information. Although, it’s a bit wide forum that talks about a lot of things. But, for any night vision enthusiasts, it’s a must to be a member of this top-quality forum.

The Hunting Life

Like the ar15 forum, The Hunting Life is also a cool forum to be a member of. It’s a forum that talks all about outdoor hunting and the related topics that any hunter may need to know. It has more than sixty-six thousand members. It has a really cool website which interface is very modern than the regular types of forums. So, in terms of user experience, you will find it more attractive.

The first section of the forum has new member introductions and game fairs, meet up’s & events categories which are pretty basic. Next, they have classifieds sections consisting of buy, sell, or swap category. It’s basically a mini marketplace for the members of the forum to have a nice deal that suits anyone.

Then, you will find the sporting guns section which is the most interesting part of this forum. Here, you will find all about hunting guns that you may need at night to have a nice go with your night hunting. So much information is there for everybody to indulge in. It talks about different guns, how to maintain them, what types of optics you may need, which shooting equipment is must-have. So, it’s a thermal night vision forum, you may call.

Next, they have a shooting sports section, hunting field sports section which is just amazing. You will learn so much about the outdoor world and how to conquer them with the skill of a pro from these sections. So much to read and many things to learn! There are also some other sections named country interest and general topics to have a look at. Shooting and field sports opportunities is also a very good topic to explore. In short, it’s a goldmine for any night vision enthusiast.

Optics Planet

Optics Planet is also a cool forum to join for any night vision people. It’s not a vast topic-oriented forum as you can already guess that by its name. But the thing is, for night vision, optics play a very significant role for us. And, that’s why it is very important to have a grip on your night vision optics right now! For that to happen, which forum can be a better place than optics planet? No one, right?

The forum has a very good authority about optics and its rich content will testimony that. This optics planet forum is very concise with only three sections. But, the quality of the posts and product reviews are really top-notch. It has a member list of around sixteen thousand. The interface of the website is pretty simple and easy to handle.

The first section is product discussions, pre-sales & after-sales customer support. This section consists of categories like reviews of night vision scopes, discussion on binoculars vs monocular, sunglasses, telescope, spotting scope, and the differences between them. These are a very essential part of day and night vision. For an outdoorsman, this equipment is like a priceless thing! Also, there is a separate section named night vision where all is discussed about night vision. You will find very essential topics, discussions, and posts there that will benefit you whenever you are out at night.

Topics like digital cameras, waterproof cases, weapons, and shooting accessories are also there. There is a vendor forums section that has categories of top vendors like ATN, Vortex Optics, and Laser Max! So, you will find very cool deals out there. Finally, they have a section that contains off-topic and other discussions for the members. For target shooting with scopes, hunting, sports, and many other relevant needs, you really need to be a member of this forum.

Night Vision Forum UK

Night Vision Forum UK is a UK based forum that talks about night vision in detail. The name already tells you that it’s a customized forum that deals only with night vision. Though most of the members are from the UK, being focused only on night vision, it has its own advantages over the other forums. You will be benefitted from lots of quality information and guidelines.

It has a total membership of around ten thousand now and the forum is really user-friendly. It has a basic interface to start with. Being a custom made forum, it doesn’t have many separate categories. Instead, it contains the basic categories that suit the topic. To start with, it has a chatterbox and introductions part at the top row where new members are introducing themselves.

Next, they have DIY night vision and general night vision parts. You can learn lots of doing it yourselves techniques at home and apply them to yourselves by learning from the experts of the UK. Also, the general section is for all regular topics to be discussed about night vision. These two are the most enriched categories you will find here.

Then there are illumination, thermal imaging of scopes, rifles and ammo, air rifle central, hunting shack, and gallery categories. It contains a huge amount of necessary tips, techniques, and real-life experiences of the hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts. Besides, there is a help room section, sales, and swaps section, and forum advertising section. These are really cool parts of this wonderful forum. So, don’t wait to join this forum from the UK!!

Night Vision Forum

Another custom NV Forum is this small but effective and precise NV forum. Like the NV forum UK, it’s a pretty basic type of forum that is growing day by day. It has only around two thousand members but the contents are truly amazing. Besides, this is a night vision only forum that concentrates only on one topic. So, it has its own advantages over the others.

It starts with a night vision product reviews part that is really important as you can go through these products and have a really nice experience with the equipment from this nice category. Then there are general night vision discussion and night vision image parts. These are truly awesome as you will find so many different types of wonderful images and discussions related all about NV. People are sharing their products and outdoor experiences through these categories and you normally learn from them. Anybody who is a newbie in this area will learn a lot from the discussion section.

Then, there are top quality night vision goggles, and quality night vision binoculars, weapon sights, flashlights parts which are some interesting topics to cover. These are all night vision accessories that you may take with you for your outing trips. As you learn from every bit of experience, all these sections are a hidden treasure for you. These are really solid gold in the form of posts and discussions.

There are also multi-purpose systems, ITT night vision, ATN night vision sections. So, these are really advertising types of topics which are really good. You may find many promotional posts that may offer you good deals. At last, there is a general discussion section where you may discuss other relevant topics. As a whole, it’s a very basic forum that deals with night vision.

Sniper’s Hide

This Sniper’s Hide forum is really cool looking and very large in contents. Though it’s not a custom NV forum it talks about the most important weapon of night hunting and shooting, guns! It talks about the sniper and all you need to know about being a top class sniper. It has a huge member list of around one hundred and twenty-five thousand and it’s growing.

Night Vision Forum Snipers HideThe forum talks about many different topics and you may find yourselves thunderstruck by its huge collection of posts and information. The very first section is called sniper’s hide armory and supply. This part is about the armory and supply of rifle scopes, various night vision devices, observation devices, different types of rifles, sidearms, and many more.

Next, it has an advanced marksmanship unit that talks about becoming an excellent marksman. For that to happen, you have to go through their ballistic calculator, beyond 1000 yards, external ballistics, reloading, training and classes, stupid marksmanship questions, advance marksmanship sections. They also have a facility to give online training about marksmanship.

They have a team room section where new member introductions, member link up, movie theatre, the sports page and many get together types categories are there. These parts are quite common that you may find in other forums. Next, they have tactical competition and forward operating base sections that contain many useful and necessary topics related to shooting and operating at night.

After that, they have a post exchange section that deals with buying, selling, and trading firearms, optics, accessories, reloading items, and many more. This is a very good platform to have a look at if you need any top-notch night vision monoculars. The sniper’s hide sales forum, sniper’s hide app, sniper’s hide reloading is also a cool addition to it.

Predator Masters Forum

This Predator Masters Forum is another quality forum that you must follow if you want to be a champion of night vision. It is also a hunting-related forum that deals with night vision also. It’s a quite big forum that has a total membership of around fifty-five thousand. They have a large category type that offers a lot for any outdoor enthusiasts.

At first, they have a sponsor’s product showcase section that contains updates, announcements regarding the sponsors. Next, they have a hunting section which is really humongous. It contains all about hunting and is very rich in quality content. The predator hunting forum, hog heaven, firearms, AR’s, optics, reloading and ammo, knives, small game hunting, predator biology, lions, bears & hounds’ men are some useful and widely viewed categories. They also have youth hunters, big game hunting, bird hunting, and bow hunting categories.

Then, they have a call and calling section that deals with a very unique topic which is the different predator calls and how to recognize them! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? There is also a custom shop for selling various items to the members. People can find the necessary items at a very moderate price there. People talk about the highest rated products on night vision too.

After that, there is the cabin section where there is a member clubhouse for the members to hang out. There is also a large number of photo galleries to have a look at. An interesting topic called humor is also there.  Hunt swap and current events are quite the finishing touch that the forum offers. Lastly, it has a very unique predator masters section that offers different scholarships and support groups for the military when engaged in war! Don’t wait to join.

Survivalist Forum

This Survivalist Forum is so far the largest member-based forum that we have talked about here. As it talks about survival and all related topics, it contains a vast amount of valuable information that any outdoor lover needs to learn. It has a member list of around one hundred and sixty-five thousand which is huge! It’s a quite old forum that started its journey in 2006.

At the start, it has a VIP member section where only selected people can go. Different survival discussions, articles, reviews, and videos are there for the invited people to have a look. Next, they have the survival and preparedness forum. Here, new member introduction, disaster preparedness general discussion, manmade and natural disasters, food and water, camping, urban survival are discussed.

Besides, many related topics like DIY, nuclear, biology, chemical survival, books, movies, stories, health, fitness, farming, gardening are there for you. So, you can have a real taste of varieties there. There is a merchant section for the members to have shopping that you may be interested in. Reviews and questions are also found here.

Next, you will see the firearms and other weapons section that has some good categories like military weapons, knives, swords & axes, primitive weapons, bows and crossbows, non-lethal weapons, hunting trapping discussions, boating, and finishing. These are really cool topics to cover.

Lastly, they have a general discussion section & forum rules, and suggestion box. The general discussion contains polls, surveys, jokes, political news, religious discussions, and some other interesting topic. Forum rules and suggestion part will guide you to explore the forum with relative ease and comfort.

Hunting Net

Though the name is Hunting Net, it’s a relevant topic that any night vision guy should know about. And, this night vision hunting forum will help you out to give a really good help regarding any night hunting knowledge. It’s a big platform that has around two hundred and fifty-six thousand members!! Which is huge. The forum has a really cool collection of content that anybody would love to have access to.

First, there is a general hunting forum section. Here, regular industry news, different types of hunting like airgun hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, big game, hog, bird hunting, squirrel hunting with scopes are discussed. You can have lots of knowledge here and apply it when you are out in the field at night. Important topics like hunting gear discussion and wildlife management are also discussed in detail by the experts.

Next, is the archery forum that helps to give you bow hunting, traditional archery, gear reviews, bow fishing, target archery, crossbows & other technical knowledge and information. There is a vendor forum section where you can get many offers and advertisements. Then, the outdoor gear section is there which is really cool and has an amazing collection of posts and reviews.

After that, you will find the hunt section. Camp cooking and game processing techniques are discussed in detail for any hunter to have a nice go after the kill. There is a group of young hunters and disabled hunters which is really uncommon and cool to have. The firearm and regional forum sections are for you to explore. I’m not telling you what they have.

Besides, they have a classified section and archive section that will really amaze you if you try to explore that. The fishing forum, technical/forum help, and non-hunting topics are also very cool. Enjoy then?


The above forums are handpicked and researched well before putting them in the list for you to have a wonderful experience. I’m also a member of many of these night vision forums and you can regularly learn from these wonderful platforms like me! I wish you would also have a wonderful time there. Most importantly, enjoy the night vision!!

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