Night Vision Monocular with Head Mount & 3 Other Mounting Options

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Quality night vision monocular comes with versatile mounting options for multiple purposes and users’ competence. While going to purchase a handy night vision monocular, most of us may get confused about the dissimilar mounting systems. However, some of them prefer head-mounted night vision monocular, whereas you may like the other options also.

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So, this will be a hot topic to consider while choosing the monocular. That’s why we plan to discuss different mounting systems of NV monocular today. Keep reading and get the exact ideas!

Night Vision Monocular with Head Mount & 3 Other Mounting Options

Night Vision Monocular with Head MountTypically, night vision monocular comes with head or helmet mount, handheld, rifle mount, and tripod mount options. All of them have some positive sides as well as negatives. Knowing their ins and outs, you can easily choose the right product. Let’s explore them in a brief.

Head-Mounted Night Vision Monocular

The night vision monocular with a head mount is the most common type. It’s suitable for them who need frequent walk during sighting targets. This will be great for a cave exploring, diving, boating, fishing, night hunting coyotes, and many more. Additionally, these optics can be used in handheld.

Helmet mounted night vision monocular will let your hands-free, so you can use your hands for operating guns or other tasks. There are available ballistic and non-ballistic helmet types NV monoculars. Several others include skull as well as face-mounted options.


  • Allows hand-free operation
  • Multi-tasks use


  • Maybe a reason for headache for long time use

Handheld Night Vision Monocular

This is the simplest style of night vision monocular. For birdwatching, wildlife observing, search, and rescue operation this could be a handy option. Normally, all types of night vision monocular allow you to use them as a handheld.

Though these optics will occupy your one or both hands, so they are most suitable for the situations where hands have no significant roles. Additionally, you will get a smartphone holder or tripod with this category.

When you go hiking, camping, or any other outdoor purposes, this monocular will aid you in taking closer to nature.


  • Affordable than others
  • Great for enjoying the nature
  • Easy to use


  • Not recommended for distant object viewing

Weapons Mounted Night Vision Monocular

If you need a monocular for military or hunting purposes, then weapons mounted night vision monocular is a must-have to pick for successful operation. Both weapon and monocular have come with proper threads to mount them in each other.

It’s important to learn how to set-up an NV monocular with weapons. We highly recommend you to use these monoculars for tactical purposes.


  • Best for weapon mounting
  • Can be used as handheld also


  • Makes gun heavy

Tripod Mounted Night Vision Monocular

This is another preference to choose from. Most of the quality night vision monocular comes with tripod adaptable thread opportunity. Just set the monocular to the tripod and enjoy the close looks of nature. These NVDs are best suited for seeing remote targets such as astronomical purpose, scouting, seeing flying birds watch on terrain or animals, and much more.

Usually, the bulky and big size monoculars need to set up on the tripod.  You can imagine these optics as a mini version of the telescope.


  • Great options for seeing distant targets
  • Tripod allows to attach other items also


  • Need more investment for a tripod

Concluding Words

So, after reading this article, you will be able to understand the benefits and drawbacks of all types of mounting systems for NV monocular. Now, think first which mounting system will suit most and take it wisely. But keep in mind, the head-mounted night vision monocular will be handy for multi-purpose uses.

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