7 Basic Reasons for Why Are Night Vision Goggles So Expensive!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Why are night vision goggles so expensive? Well, night vision goggles (NVG) were developed for military needs but they are now used for various outdoor purposes also. Many hunters, security personnel, outdoor enthusiasts use NVG for security, entertainment, and tactical reasons nowadays. However, their wonderful night seeing capabilities make most of the top-class night vision goggles quite expensive and there are effective reasons behind this.

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This article will explain the reasons why are night vision goggles so expensive. Let’s check out few basic reasons!

Why Are Night Vision Goggles So Expensive?

Why are night vision goggles so expensiveNight vision goggles are comparatively pricier than the other viewing devices. As night vision uses sophisticated technology so its price increases naturally. There are a few reasons behind their price hiking that are discussed below.

High Manufacturing Cost

One of the prime reasons behind night vision goggles higher pricing is its manufacturing costs. As it needs a powerful lens, expensive tubes, and sophisticated materials so the manufacturing cost increases compared to other viewing devices.

You know night vision goggles aren’t as usual product and they have some specific using fields so their consumption rate is very low. Moreover, companies need to meet their targeted revenue that’s why they have to sell the NVGs at a high price.

Developing Technology

Absolutely, you will agree with us that night vision technology is on the track of development. Usually, NVGs are used by law enforcement agencies, wealthy hunters and enthusiasts who want super performing features and budget isn’t a problem here.

So, companies need to upgrade the features frequently to compete with others. This is an important reason for which companies need to increase prices to balance the development costs. When the NVG will be in a stable stage and their usability increase surely their cost will be calm down.

Military Cause

The most appropriate field of NVGs using is military purposes. Military personnel always prefer the latest firearms and equipment including night vision goggles. Sometimes enemies and terrorists may duplicate the technology and make harm to the military for the reason the up-to-date model is indeed essential for militaries.

In fact, the cost is lesser than the hard work of companies’ staff. The higher price of NVGs can fairly balance the expenditure of military demands and companies’ efforts.

Economical Reason

This is another significant reason behind hike the price of night vision goggles. Many producers are suffered from losses in the past and try to overcome this. Most of them have running contracts with military forces or other security agencies to provide them the quality NVGs.

To meet up the quality and financial fact night vision goggles prices go up.

Quantity Matter

Night vision goggles aren’t sold in a bulk amount and their users are almost limited. But there are huge technical investments in the companies. As manufacturers are dealing with less demand and adapting the economics of scale. They have to think about making a good profit, at the same time keeping them in the track of further improvement.

When the NVGs demand will increase their prices will get down under average family range.

Controlling Illegal Acts

There are many illegal hunters who want to hunt predators at night with the help of lights violating the laws. Therefore, they need night vision goggles. Similarly, illegal spy or shooters may harm greatly to a sovereign country. So, the government restricted night vision devices using locally and requested to keep the price higher. This may control the NVGs using at a mass level.

If the NVGs price becomes very cheap the illegal acts might be spread soon. So, this is quite a good decision to keep the night vision goggles price high.

Political Cause

It is true that there are few political reasons behind the sky-high pricing of night vision goggles. There are many countries where owning NVGs is illegal. The misuse of NVGs may creat political unrest. A night vision device may be a cause behind hundreds of people die within short times. So, manufacturers keep the prices high to make it out of the reach for most of the people.

But, for an enthusiastic outdoor person, there are multiple ways to make your own night vision goggles for an affordable price.


NVGs play an important role in our modern life. They fulfill our night viewing tasks. You can use NVGs in shooting, surveying, hunting, wildlife observation, military tasks, and many more fields where your naked eyes can’t see anything. This wonderful night viewing feature makes the night vision goggles expensive in a natural way.

The initial costs of NVGs seem more but you will be the winner in the long run. When their demand will increase, NVGs overall price will be declined. Perhaps, you understood why are night-vision goggles so expensive. It’s time to explore with NVG!

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