Can You Use Night Vision Scopes During The Day: The Truth Revealed!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Can you use night vision scopes during the day?

Night vision scopes are essential equipment for nighttime hunting besides lights or shooting. They allow to zoom in the targets in natural ambient lights such as moonlight and starlight. Most night vision scopes use monocular technology (one-eyed vision) to locate and identify targets on greater distances that are mostly invisible in naked eyes at night. By the way, the enlarged and clear image can be seen through some optical functions.

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When I was just 7 years old, first I saw night vision scopes (NVS) in a movie and became curious about night vision technology. Later on, I got a chance for working with the night vision devices and from then I was trying to learn the world-changing NV technology. Most of the time, my blog readers ask me different questions. Today, I will answer such a frequently asked question that is, can you use night vision scopes during the day.

So, stay with me until the end to get a detailed answer!

Can You Use Night Vision Scopes During The Day?

Can you use night vision scopes during the dayMost of the people might answer shortly to this question- that is No. They say you can’t use night vision scopes during the day. But there are some modern night vision scopes that can be used during daytimes also. So, the answer is Yes and No simultaneously and both of them are correct.  Don’t be confused. This is why I’m here to explain the facts.

Why You Can’t See in The Day Through Night Vision Scope?

Modern night vision scopes have built-in infrared (IR) light illuminator that can’t function well during the day. They only work in dim-light conditions. Surprisingly, the sunlight can permanently damage the might vision scopes also.

The same things happen for the thermal night vision scopes. They detect targets that produce heats. But in the sunlight, they get confused and show unrecognized bright light that users don’t understand. The image intensifier tubes are used there as external light sources that are actually very sensitive. When they are exposed to bright light like sunlight they can be damaged totally.

This is the case for most night vision scopes. But exceptions are found here also.

Can You Use Night Vision Scopes During The Day?

You can use night vision scopes at the day in two ways. These are-

Method 1: Lens Cap Pinhole

You will find the protective lens cover with the scopes. They restrict to pass light through the lens and protect from damaging NVS. Most of the covers have pinholes that allow a tiny amount of light through the lens. That makes it quite suitable to see through the scope in the daytime. It’s just like you sight in a night vision scope in the day.

However, this is not a professional approach. It’s just for fulfilling the quest of enthusiasts’ minds.

Method 2: Advanced Night Vision System

Few companies researched for decades and successfully manufactured digital night vision scopes that can be used at night as well as day. They don’t use the sensitive intensifier tubes. Instead, they adopt the high-resolution sensor that makes the image’s projection before the LCD screen, and hereby you can see in the day.

For instance, FLIR night vision scopes permit you to see objects clearly that won’t expose or overheat even in sunlight since they allow you to see at the day. They make use of the protective lens cover that protects the devices from permanent damage at bright light. These cover won’t hinder the thermal imaging system and make the light invisible to the human eye.

FLIR technology allows you to change the pallets at white-hot and black-hot options. They greatly aid to differentiate warm and cool objects depending on the temperature. Another FLIR setting is the InstAlert setting which basically highlights the hottest objects and field of view (FoV). You will see three levels of setting denoted as 1, 2, and 3. Where option 1 is for a cooler environment and 3 denotes the hottest and most humid environment.

ATN also offers scopes that produce clear and bright images day and night dually. You can also purchase add-ons that can make it possible to use the NVS for daytime use.


So basically, night vision scopes are only for nighttime use. But few digital night vision scopes allow you to use them during the daytime. Hopefully, you got your answer. That’s the end of this article on can you use night vision scopes during the day. If you have any more queries, then leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to reply.

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