Most Common Night Vision Problems: Causes and Solutions!

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Having good eyesight is tremendously important for any night enthusiasts when they’re going hunting or shooting or even driving to the outdoors. People may face different kinds of night vision problems throughout their lifetime which may cause difficulties in their journey to the wild. So, knowing about your problems and taking the necessary initiatives are really important for any night loving person.

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Many of us tend to live our life having these problems and get ourselves used to it whereas the solutions are right in front of us. This is really not a wise decision as we may end up losing our sight for good if proper care isn’t taken at the right time.

Night Vision Problems

Both night vision loss and night blindness are caused because of the disorder of the cells of the retina that performs the task of seeing in the dim light. When it’s dark, your eyes are actually color blind and they only see the fraction of the lights that you see in the daylight.

What Causes Poor Night Vision?

Night Vision ProblemsThere are a number of reasons that may cause poor night vision or night vision loss. Some may not be curable while others are. So, what are the reasons?

Deficiency of Vitamin A

Due to the lack of vitamin A, people may suffer poor night vision in their life. This is a common scenario in the poor parts of the world as they don’t have access to proper nutritional food. In the developed countries, people aren’t at risk of it but lack of proper knowledge & negligence about a balanced diet may cause a deficiency of vitamin A.


A cloudy dense area that is formed in the center of the eye is called cataracts. This happens because the natural aging process goes on. People will find this problem when they are reaching the age of 60.


Glaucoma, in general, affects the overall vision process. When this happens, night vision becomes an issue too. People also may find losing side vision or become sensitive to light or may find moving objects becoming blurred. In those scenarios, they mustn’t drive on their own at night.

Retinitis Pigmentosa

This is a very uncommon genetic disorder that may affect young people. As time passes it may cause degradation of the retina as a whole. Here, the dark pigment will accumulate in your retina and will create tunnel vision.

Usher Syndrome

Like the previous problem, this is a genetic problem as well. This problem comes with hearing loss also. Altered or mutated genes are responsible for this problem.


The gradual damage of the retina may happen because of diabetic retinopathy. An early sigh is poor night vision or night vision loss. Another sign is the long adjustment time needed when you are coming in the indoors from the outside bright light.


This is a common vision problem that will blur your vision. It happens when the cornea of the eye is irregularly shaped or the curvature of your eye lens is not normal. Light isn’t focused properly in that case and vision becomes blurred. As a result, you will feel discomfort and headache. Most people have this vision condition to some extent and the reason isn’t specified till today. Genetic conditions may be the reason behind it.

LASIK Surgery Problems

This is very uncommon with today’s advanced surgery procedures, but people may form a night vision loss after the LASIK surgery. An impaired night vision following the LASIK may happen and you may find glares and halos around different light sources.

Symptoms of Night Vision Loss

Blurred Night VisionThe sole symptom of night vision loss is having difficulty in the dim light situation. But there are some other symptoms too. You may find difficulties when any glares or lights are directed towards your eyes. Most of the time we may not be able to detect our problems too. This is really important as people at a tender age normally can’t figure out if they have any problem or not. Regular check-up is very important to detect if any issue is there.

So let’s find out what are the symptoms:

  • Having blurred vision at night when you are trying to read or view something at a close distance.
  • Halos or glares around any light source like the street lights or traffic lights.
  • Sensitivity to glares or lights.
  • Difficulties in vision when coming into a dim light situation from a bright environment.

Difficulties in night vision can be really frustrating when you are going out at night. People who love to hunt at night with the help of lights or like to pass a good time with their friends and family find it very irritating and concerning if they don’t see properly.

Treatments of Night Vision Difficulties

If you have any sort of symptoms that we’ve already discussed above, you must consult with a doctor immediately. They will test you and prescribe you with necessary treatments that you need.

Some form of deficiency is treatable and some are not. Cataracts, nearsightedness, vitamin A deficiency is treatable. Most of the genetic problems are not treatable but some corrective actions may be taken to improve the situation.


Cataracts are a treatable disease through surgery. The cloudy lens of your eye will be replaced by your doctor with an artificial clear lens. After the surgery, your night vision will improve significantly.


People may opt for different treatment options to cure astigmatism poor night vision. They may choose astigmatism glasses or contact lenses. Rigid contact lenses can also be used for curing the problem. Astigmatism can also be cured by laser or other surgical procedures like LASIK or PRK. You have to consult with your optometrist to select the best method for your eyes.

Vitamin A Deficiency

This deficiency of vitamin A can be curable by taking vitamin supplements prescribed by your doctor. If you follow exactly as your doctor directs you, you will get a positive result. Developed countries don’t have this vitamin A deficiency like the other parts of the world as they follow proper nutritional charts.

Genetic Defects

Genetic problems that cause night vision loss or night blindness aren’t treatable in most cases. One of the genetic problems is Retinitis Pigmentosa which is not treatable. If you have this problem, you must avoid driving at night & be accompanied when you are going out in the outdoors. If you like hunting, try to do that in the daytime.

Prevention of Night Vision Problems

Prevention is better than cure. Everybody knows that but few follow. Night blindness or night vision loss due to genetic disorder can’t be prevented but other forms are. A properly balanced diet and controlling your sugar level can make night blindness less likely to happen.

Foods that are rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals are very helpful to prevent cataracts. Also, you need to choose foods with a high level of vitamin A to lower the chance of night vision loss. Foods that help you get rich nutrition for better eyesight are:

  • Carrots
  • Pumpkins
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Mangoes
  • Cantaloupes
  • Butternut squash
  • Spinach
  • Collard greens
  • Rockmelon

If you follow the diet and be aware of the limitations that you have, you are less likely to undergo any problems along with your journey. However, if you still find that your vision is deteriorating, you need to consult with your doctor as early as possible. Different night vision products can also be of some use for you. I will prescribe you to have an understanding of the working principle of night vision first. Following different forums on night vision may also help you in that aspect.


Night vision problems are a very serious matter for everyone especially for those who have a knack for going out at night for shooting with their top-quality night vision scopes or hunting wearing the most updated night vision goggles or any handy night vision monocular in an outing endeavor like me. Though, my personal favorite is high-end night viewing binoculars.

I personally have faced problems with night vision as I like hunting at night. Those who love traveling with the right gadgets, need to consider it very seriously. So you need to take good care of your eyes if you want good prolonged eyesight.

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